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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Are you a mama on the go? I sure am! And when we're out and about, it seems that I have to be the one to cart all the stuff. Lunches if we're headed to the zoo, snacks if we're just out, Hot Wheels and other toys for times of boredom at the table, and all the other essentials like sunscreen, wet wipes, sunglasses, and water bottles. That's a lot of stuff! And way too much stuff to put in a handbag.

Because of all the things we carry, a mama bag is something more like a tote bag, right? And if you're anything like me, you need a bag that can be wiped clean after jelly got all over the inside, grass stains appear from being carried on picnics, or when crayons escape from their bag and get all over the inside lining. Well look no further! Our line of totes from Stella & Dot are what you need!

The Reversible Tote is one of my all time favorites! It's two bags in one because well, it's reversible. But really, it's three bags in one with the removable pouch! The pouch is great for when you only need to carry a few diapers, a small thing of wipes, some hand sanitizer, and a bottle of sunscreen. It has a small little wristlet handle that will hang right off the stroller! But, for the days you need it all, the tote is perfection. I carried the Voyage Tote all summer last year and loved it. It was my pool bag, my zoo bag, the bag I took to Worlds of Fun and Deanna Rose Farmstead. The new tote is gorgeous for spring and summer with it's Bee design on one side and the solid coral on the other. It's $79, but with girl math, it's roughly $26 a bag!! 

When you need something a little bigger, reach for the new Day Tripper bag! I love it! I just got it last week and I'm dying for a spring day that will allow us to hit the zoo. It will hold all the essentials I mentioned above, but because it unzips in the middle to create a larger space, I can carry a few extras like sweatshirts or light weight jackets when layers are needed! And the print is darling! Navy is one of my favorite colors for spring, and when paired with coral arrows, it couldn't get any cuter!!

And then there's the Getaway tote! The must-have travel tote of all time. It literally holds everything. A friend of mine purchased one before their family trip to Hawaii. She packed it the night before, and realized that it held so much, so had packed entirely too many things and had to remove some of the unnecessary items! My mom took hers on a week long trip to VA last summer for times that she would be traveling by car and didn't need the suitcase she had packed for the plane. She was able to pack everything she needed for a few overnight stays! And what's even better, it fits under the seat in front of you on the plane! Seriously, a must-have travel piece! And the new elephant design for spring is so sweet!

Lastly, every girl needs a little pouf for her handbag. Whether it holds lipsticks/gloss, touch up makeup items, or crayons for this mama, the Slim Pouf is perfect! Look how much it holds!

What kind of mama bag do you currently carry? Are you one that only needs the pouch that comes with the Reversible Tote? If so, I am super jealous! If you need something bigger like myself, which one is going to be your go-to bag this year? 


Shop any of the bags here!!

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