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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We are all about trying new things with McKinley. And McKinley is really our motivation. Thanks to Wii, in a good way, McKinley discovered bowling and wanted to go some time over winter break. On New Year's day, we did just that!

For years, Joel and I would bowl with friends on weekends. We were big fans of Cosmic Bowling and would stay up until the wee hours of the morning drinking beer and bowling frame after frame. We even got our own bowling balls for Christmas one year! (Bowling shoes and bags to boot.) We were serious. Never serious enough to join a league, and I'm not nearly that good, but we spent a lot of time at the bowling alley. Hell, we even had a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette bowling party. 

We really wanted to try out Main Event, a new bowling alley here in Kansas City, but apparently it's much much more than that! They claim you can eat, bowl, and play, and from the looks of things, they aren't kidding! However, we didn't decide until the day of that we wanted to bowl. You can't make reservations day of. You have been warned! So instead, we went to our favorite lanes, Park Lanes Bowling. Super family friendly, but most importantly, kid friendly! We could make same day reservations and it's reasonably priced when compared to Main Event. You can set up your reservation online, add your bowlers in advance, and even set up the bumper guards for each child that needs them. I loved that! We were set!

Once we got everyone in their shoes, found a ball for McKinley (they only have six pound balls for kids), and got our screen up and running, it was time to bowl. McKinley was up first and he threw that ball down the lane. And when I say throw, I'm not exaggerating! He let that ball bounce! With a thud. So hard I was afraid it would break the floor! We then discovered the assistance of the bowling dragon which helped keep the ball straight and McKinley from throwing the ball down the lane. He would switch off and on from the dragon, even trying the sitting down and rolling the ball down the lane technique. And having a blast the entire time! 

As for us, we loved being back at it! However, we didn't remember our balls being quiet so heavy and my arm was so done after the second game! I'm still sore today. It's in weird places too! My right thigh, my left butt cheek, and my right thumb! I told you it was in weird places! But it was totally worth it and McKinley is ready to go back this Saturday!

Here is our day captured in photos and one awesome video of McKinley doing his thing!

If you are looking for some awesome family fun, head out to your local bowling alley! If you're in the Overland Park area, head on over to Park Lanes! You won't be disappointed! And when we get a chance, we are still going to try out Main Event. I'll give you the full report soon!


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