Crown Center: Trivia Pursuit 50 State Adventure Exhibit

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Yesterday McKinley planned our entire day which took place all over Crown Center. His original idea was to create art at Kaleidoscope, but with the new hands-on exhibit, Trivia Pursuit 50 State Adventure Exhibit now open, we began there. These exhibits are always amazing fun and this one didn't disappoint.

Have you been to all 50 states in the United States? Do you know what each state is known for? Well I haven't stepped foot in them all and I certainly don't know what each one is known for. Sure, Michigan is for the Great Lakes. New York is known for the Statue of Liberty. Pennsylvania for the Liberty Bell. But there is so much more! For instance, did you know Arkansas was known for their quilts? Nevada for stargazing? I would have thought the Vegas Strip or Hoover Dam. And the information keeps coming!

There are tons of interactive attractions like kayaking, row boating with fishing, cross country skiing, hot air ballooning, and playing games on the Jersey Shore boardwalk which was probably my favorite. I love that each station lists the state, what they are known for, and other fun facts. It's an education for everyone! It also lists each states capital, something I know I'm horrible with! And it allows everyone to take a trip across the country and get a taste of each state without having to spend the money on travel. However, it leaves me wanting to visit each one. Can you say bucket list!

Here are some photos from our fun trip across the country!

This is definitely on my long list of summer things to do!

Even though there is a space museum located in Alabama, McKinley doesn't know that we are going to take him to DC next week to visit the Air and Space Museum, along with so many other things. Definitely a thumbs up!!

If you haven't been yet, head down to Crown Center and experience all the fun things our country has to offer. I have a feeling we will be making several trips and that's totally fine with me. I can learn more, see a little more each time, and hope that some of the knowledge soaks in for McKinley when it comes time for Geography! 

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