What is it about a New Year

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well, it's the third of January and there is something about a new year that gets everyone going. Going to the gym. Going on a healthy eating kick. Going on vacation. Going forward with those resolutions. A New Year just gets people going. Unfortunately, most people stop around the third week of the month! I know. I'm one of them. I've been there, done that on so many different resolutions, goals, or dreams. You figure if you haven't seen results in three weeks, you should just give it all up.

For me, the year 2017, is all about organizing my life! Categories and sub-categories exist in my life and they are all a huge, fat mess! I'm all over the place. I'm constantly switching gears. And I'm never really completing a task before moving on to the next. Then, maybe six months later, I come back to the original and possibly finish it. Seriously, this mama's life is a mess! 

So what do I have planned? Well, a lot! McKinley has stated that he is going to start going full-time to Kindergarten and that's going to leave me with some extra time on my hands. Time that I need to utilize. I've been making a mental list of all the things around the house that need to be done, but it's things you will never actually see. Organizational things. The linen closet, the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen, the spice cabinet, my personal closet, McKinley's closet, and the coat closet. Here are some examples of the clutter.

I saw this in a recent Food Network Magazine on how to better my space within the spice cabinet. I love that it's a total DIY! However, because I have three shelves, with two dividers, it might not work. Fingers crossed!

In addition to organizing, I have big plans for the walls of my house. Namely, our bedroom. I've been dying to paint our bedroom gray for several years now, but I've never really been able to find the time. Let's be honest, taking a day to paint a room just isn't going to happen. I need to repaint the ceiling, all of the trim, and then the walls. Time consuming to say the least. And, I want to attempt to paint our furniture. It all just needs a major overhaul, so with McKinley in full-time Kindergarten, I should have loads of time to finish this project, right? And, if Benjamin Moore would like to sponsor a post and supply the paint, that would be great! Also, if Home Goods wants to help with area rugs and lighting, just let me know. I'll be watching my emails closely! (PS, the walls aren't nearly this dark.)

And here is my mood board for the bedroom that I created a couple of years ago and put aside. I'm loving that blue I came up with. Maybe I could go with navy walls and gray accents. Or I could go with gray walls, nix the gray accents, and go with navy! I might be on to something.....

Then there's the businesses in my life. I have the Stella & Dot thing going and would love to build it stronger! Want to join my team? Call me! I would love to chat. But I also have Southern Unique Elegance with my mom and we have some big ideas for growing our brand. We want to take S.U.E. outside our home decor booth and we have some super fun ideas up our sleeve. Hoping to share those later in the month! 

I could tell you that I'm going to start going to the gym more, but we don't belong to a gym. I could use our home gym which consists of a Wii workout, a Jennie Garth aerobics VHS tape, and a New York City Ballet master class DVD. And I might do those from time to time, but I'm definitely not going to make any strong confessions right here and now. I am going to challenge myself, and my mom, to do this one pound of greens a day challenge I saw on Home and Family last week. One pound of greens, per day, for one week, and it's suppose to change your life. Your body and mind. Give you more energy and just charge the body in all the right ways. 

I am also considering some homeopathic remedies. Over the counter meds aren't working so why not take another route. McKinley has been suffering from seasonal allergies and the occasional sinus infection off and on for years. Clariton isn't cutting it so maybe something else will. And speaking of homiopathic, I'm also making my own lotions. (Kym Douglas had a great one here!) Less toxins in the body and all that. I've even switched up my deodorant and trying organics! I'm crazy!! 

What do you have in store for yourself during the new year? Any big dreams you want to fulfill? Any goals you keep setting over and over and never meet? Anything new you're willing to try? Share!! I want to get inspired for the upcoming year. I think we all need it, right?

Let's get going together!!


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