DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Monday, October 14, 2019

When I was growing up, we didn't have fancy trick or treat bags. We had that generic plastic orange  pumpkin with a black handle, and as we got older, the trusty pillow case. McKinley carries a fuzzy pumpkin bag or large fabric pumpkin bucket. Either way, they are super cute! However, I decided we needed to elevate the trick or treat bag this year and I decided to make it myself!

Here's what you'll need:

A canvas tote bag, fabric paint, sponge brushes, paper plate, pencil, eraser, puffy paint, and a steady hand!

Load up your brush with the first color of your choice. Because I was doing candy corn on the bag, I used the colors in order of a candy corn. I started with white, but you couldn't really see it in photos. Apply horizontally on the bag in large strokes. You can make your strips as thick or as thin as you wish. On my second bag, I went for a larger band of paint.

Do the same thing with yellow. After you've applied your colors, go back in and smooth out any defined lines you might see and create an ombre effect with the three colors. 

Next up, it's time to apply your candy corn. If you are anything like me, I need a stencil! I can't even draw a straight stick figure. So, I headed out on the web and found free clip art of candy corn (also witches hats and bats) and sized them to different heights. Go with what makes you happiest. I decided to use smaller candy corn scattered throughout and larger witches hats for the second bag I made.

Once I cut out all the candy corn, I placed them around the bag. I will say, I originally traced too many and needed to erase a few after the fact. When you go to erase them, use a rubber artists eraser. This will allow the pencil marks to come off easier and not pill the fabric.

See that smudge? I tried to use a pink eraser before the rubber one. It didn't work as well!

Fabric puffy paint is what you need! I've used Scribbles and this Imagin8 and they both work well. 

When you apply your puffy paint, make sure you start with a light pressure on the bottle. The paint can splatter out and leave a blob on your project. To get started, try testing it on a paper plate or another piece of fabric to get the feel. And make sure you shake the paint to the end of the bottle. 

Trace each of the candy corn and then add small half circles to the inside to create those defined lines you see in the candy itself.

If you need to smooth out some of your lines, use a toothpick. 

This is the witches hat bag I was talking about earlier. Do all the same things you did above. I made the paint stripes larger and I prefer it! Really fills the space of the canvas. And I love the dimension the puffy paint gives to the hats! 

And here's the completed project!! I love it! It's so happy and makes me smile. And I may use it for more than just trick or treat! It would be so cute this time of year as a little tote for all the things you carry throughout the day. It adds just a hint of Halloween to your daily look without screaming costume alert!! It would make a sweet teachers gift during the Halloween classroom party. 

Allow 24 hours to dry, especially since you applied fabric paint to the bag and all the puffy paint inside the hats. 

What do you think of this cute project? Head here to see the fun segment on Better Kansas City! Belinda Post was excellent at applying the puffy paint! You will be too!

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