A Dream

Friday, January 13, 2017

As I sit here on a Friday morning, with coffee in hand, hair that hasn't been washed since Tuesday, I dream about that shower I haven't had since Wednesday. I dream about a stylish blowout, instead of the curls I will more than likely sport, and a chic outfit that will take me from day to night, through an impending ice storm, and for the date night that will hopefully consist of dinner and movie. My dreams are bigger than this at times. But they are also superficial. It's what makes my world go round.

My five year old came home yesterday and told me that they talked about Martin Luther King and why he was so important. At five, there isn't much you can say that they will truly comprehend, but he did tell me that he watched his speech that stated "I have a dream." As the day went on, unprompted, he continued to tell me little snippets of things he had learned. "Did you know that there used to be signs that said whites only?" "Did you know there was a black a woman who sat on the bus?" Then he told me, in his own words, "Now signs say everybody." When his teacher sent out the daily "Five Things" email, in it she said that each child was asked to write down their own dream. When I asked McKinley what he wrote, he said "I wish that everyone got along." Wise words for a five year old.

What are dreams? Are they your subconscious coming to you while you sleep? Are they fate? Do they come from hard work and determination? Are are they just that, dreams? Things that are unattainable but you wish for them all the same? Can you really have everything you dream about? Do dreams really come true?

As for his dream, "I wish that everyone got along", in world where there is such turmoil, I couldn't wish or dream for anything more myself. Inclusion. Equality. Loving thy neighbor as thyself. It's that simply, really. And can a five year old sense that? In my house, yes they can! I am going to set this as our family motto for life. Because if we can't all get along under one roof, how do we expect our child to get along with everyone around him? We will continue to hammer home the fact that no one is different regardless of skin color, eye color, hair color, or gender. Everyone is equal. Girls can do anything boys can do. (That's already started at age five!) We will implement more patience, continue to shower each other with love, do random kind acts for one another and those around us, say please and thank you, and above all, dream of a day that everyone does the exact same thing. What a wonderful world, right?

I dream of the day where we don't have war. I dream that we stop "Killing people for killing people because killing people is wrong."  I dream that we as mothers stop judging each other, and instead, embrace each other because this job is harder than any other job in the world! I dream that I finally get to color my hair because these grays are out of control. I dream that my son grows up to be a well rounded human who loves classic movie musicals as much as he loves Monster Jam. And I dream that he will never stop letting me hold his hand. That sweet little hand that will guide me through our dreams while making them a reality.

I hope you continue to follow your dreams!


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