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Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the South, we have a different vocabulary than say our friends to the North or West. It's like we have our own dictionary and most everyone you meet in the South knows what you're saying. However, if you use a word or phrase around someone unfamiliar with our vocabulary, they aren't quite sure what you're saying. For instance, when I was nine I moved to Overland Park, KS from Blountville, TN. I had a very thick accent that focused on all the long "I's". One morning during a super cold recess, I forgot my hat in the classroom. I asked Mrs. Borth if I could run back inside to grab my toboggan and she looked at me funny. She then asked again what I needed from inside and I said my toboggan. She asked if I had brought a sled to school and I said no, I need my hat. You see, in the South a toboggan is a knit winter hat. 

That's not the only strange one. Here are a few more:

Buggy - A shopping Cart
Pocketbook - Handbag
Stove Eye - Burner
Fixin' - Getting Ready to Do Something

When my mom and I started Southern Unique Elegance, I started thinking of ways we could expand on our Southern brand. I started playing with our southern phrases and dictionary and ways we could use them in the future. There are quite a few, but we were able to narrow it down to "Fixin'" and "Bless Its Heart". Here's what they mean.

Fixin' is something almost every Southern woman uses. It's a verb that explains that you are about to do something. Such as "I'm getting ready to fix dinner." "I'm fixin' to go to the store." "I"m fixin' to throw a fit!" As you can see, we are pretty much fixin' to do just about anything! And it was the perfect choice for our next business venture.

The other Southern phrase that gets used often is "Bless Its Heart". That's right,  bless its Heart, not your heart. Its refers to just about anything and it's not always polite! My grandmother used this phrase often and it just had to be on the list of our Southern phrases. Here are some examples. Let's say you see someone and she's get her dress hem stuck in her pantyhose. "Bless its heart. She has no idea that her skirt hem is caught in her pantyhose." Or if you hear that someone is sick. "Aw, bless its heart. I hate to hear that." You see a baby throwing a fit. "Bless its heart. He needs a nap." And here is another reason it was a perfect choice. The other day, my son was sick and my dad was talking with him on the phone. McKinley informed Granddaddy that he wasn't feeling well and that his throat hurt. I wasn't on the other end of the conversation, so when he hung up the phone, I asked McKinley what my dad had said. His response, "Bless your heart." So it wasn't its, but you can get the idea of how often this phrase is used. It's the perfect fit.

So where am I going with this? I'm fixin' to tell ya. We have made our own Southern phrases tees and they are darling! You always need a cute tee on casual days and you need one with some personality. And what has more personality than a Southern woman? Seriously, have you ever been in a room with Southern women? Have you seen Steel Magnolias? If your answer is no, watch it or just come over! It's insane at times. But so much fun! And so are these tees! Check them out!

I have to say that "Fixin'" is my all time fav! Not only is the t-shirt style perfection, but the word just describes everything about life! And it fits me to a tee...see what I did there?!

What do you think? Love them? Want one? Email me! We are hawking our wares and hope to see you sporting one soon! And if you do, please post pics!!


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