The Epic Lunch Box Search

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When McKinley was going to school part-time, he would periodically eat lunch at school before I picked him up. And because it was so sporadic, I didn't give too much thought to his lunch box. He carried a Blaze soft sided lunch box that was insulated and it was perfect. Until now. Since he's going full-time, he's taking a daily lunch, and I'm trying to make the lunches as interesting as possible but that's for another blog post. This one is regarding my epic search for the perfect day to day lunch box.

It started with Target. Target has everything so I was sure to be in and out with THE lunch box. I walked out of there with a Thermos (something I needed), 20 small, heart shaped slime Valentine party favors, and a pack four kids velvet hangers. No lunch box. Target, you get me every time with the stuff I don't need!

From there, I headed over to Town Center to exchange a Christmas gift and passed Bed, Bath, and Beyond on my way. I was in the far left lane, needed to be in the far right, and I didn't have a 20% of coupon on hand so I made a mental note to do some online research before heading back. I made it to Town Center, took care of my exchange, and then headed down to Pottery Barn Kids. I wasn't going to spend $20+ on their lunch boxes, I just wanted to do see what they had and what the physical lunch box looked like on the interior. Guess what? It was exactly what I was looking for, but the designs were nothing McKinley would want to carry. Moving on.

I then thought about Walmart, TJ Maxx just to see what they might have, and possibly going back to Bed, Bath and Beyond. But then I decided against it. I had to pee, I was getting hungry, and I was tired of getting in and out of the car. And if I went to those three places, I would have to get in and out six more times (wizard like math) and I wasn't sure if my bladder could handle even the first trip! I just headed home. 

So now I'm home, fully fed, and online researching places to purchase lunch boxes. I started with Pottery Barn Kids, because let's be honest, they had the best selection as far as hard sided lunch boxes go. I then looked at Amazon, but didn't see anything I liked. I looked Target again, thinking maybe they would have something online that they didn't have in the store, but it was all mostly soft sided which is what we already had. So then I went to the most reliable source, Facebook! After typing in my status, I immediately got a response from my friend Christina who uses a Pottery Barn Kids version for her girls and a Bento Box insert for their lunch items. Savior! So here is what I'm going with. (I tried adding a photo of the Bento Box, but the JPEG verion was horribly blurry. Use the link to find it.)

Because the lunch box is being monogrammed, since their names have to be on everything anyway, the lunch box will be here at the beginning of February. I'm hoping for an earlier date. In the meantime, we will rely on the Blaze lunch box he's currently using. I'm looking forward to a sturdier way to pack and carry his lunch. And the Thermos will come in handy then to, in hopes of keeping his lunch warmer. 

What do you currently use for your kids daily lunches? I never knew finding the perfect lunch box would be so hard. The perfect Trapper Keeper, yes. I mean that was a year long decision to make in July! 

Up next, what to actually pack in his daily lunch. We have a picky eater on our hands so I'm trying to jazz up lunches without going too crazy. I want him to actually eat what I pack! Making lists and menus now!


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