KC Mama DIY: Patio Table

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

With the warmer weather during the last part of February, I found myself busily working on projects for our Southern Unique Elegance booth. We have decided that we need more furniture and that's exactly what we've been collecting! But, we're not just focusing on antiques. We're looking at all pieces that we think we would want in our homes and hope they resonants with customers who shop with us! 

So when we found this darling collapsible patio table at Michael's, we knew we had to tackle it! Think about anyone who lives in an apartment or condo and only has a tiny space for sitting. You still need a little table for gorgeous spring nights and cool summer evenings, right? And the fact that this one collapses for storage is even better! Or, you can take it with you for sweet picnic in the park! So many uses for this little table!

Anyone out there heard of chalk paint? It's sweeping the nation so we decided to ride the bandwagon. We picked our color, Sea Glass, purchased all the correct brushes and wax, and headed home with excitement to get started. And when I did, I immediately was annoyed! Can I just tell you right now that I am NOT a fan of chalk paint! I watched the videos, I applied all the tools and tips and tricks when painting of the table, and I still don't like it! I think it's a mindset. Chalk paint is so different than standard paint. It's applied differently. It's not as forgiving. And it annoyed me! The pros are the lack of odor and quick dry time and that's about it. Now, we didn't use the super expensive chalk paint brands. We used the Michael's brand name paint so maybe that's the difference. However, we have decided that for our next paint project, we're purchasing plain paint!

Here is the table from somewhat start to finish. I love the end result, it looks darling in the booth, but didn't love the process! And yes, I did apply the wax!

How cute is this? 

Are you a chalk paint fan or dislike it like myself? Any additional tips and tricks for our next project, if we decided to go chalk paint again? We have a coffee table coming up and we're looking at just standard paint for that one. Can't wait to share it! it will definitely be a transformation!

And the table is up for purchase! If interested, in live in the KC area, let me know. It could yours!! 


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