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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I am always in the throws of redecorating my house. It's on small scales like removing a table and adding a new one. Removing furniture and not replacing it. Adding a rug. Repainting walls. Or simply adding a throw pillow here and there. When you redecorate, it doesn't have to be a gut job! Small things make all the difference when brightening and lightening up a room.

On the flip side, there is the gut job! Taking all existing furnishings out and replacing them with brand new pieces! I would love to do that in my living room. I actually stated this to my mom the other day. I can't afford it, but it's always in the back of my mind. How timely was it that Decaso reached out to me and asked me to design my dream space if money wasn't an object. And I jumped at the opportunity! However, the pieces are so amazing, and my vision isn't always clear, that I couldn't create just one room. I created three! Keep reading to see what I've designed!

Obviously, I do not have an interior design degree or background, but I know what I like when it comes to design. I like certain lines, textures, colors, and eras. I'm a huge fan of Mid Century Modern. I love beat up antiques that look like they've been loved for years. But, I do love my Hollywood chic that comes complete with mirrored objects, fluffy fabrics, and high shine polish. Again, no clear vision when it comes to one style aesthetic. So with all the being said, let's take a look at room number one.

In a world where I didn't have a five year who puts their shoes up on the furniture, I might invest in a white couch. I love the softness of white. The blank canvas that a white couch brings to a room. It allows me to add color throughout the space while still keeping the couch a focal point. And did you notice it's Mid Century in design? Because the lines of the couch are so simple, it allows me to bring in chunkier pieces with a little more flair. Like the swivel brass and upholstered chairs. How fab is that color?!? I'm obsessed! And I love a pop of color in a room. I added a black shiny rattan ottoman as my coffee table and marble topped side tables to flank the couch. The Art Deco credenza is perfect for a buffet or bar. Add trays, decorative bowls, or these gorgeous blue and white vases. Place a mirror on the wall to add depth, a floor lamp, and other accent pieces like this structured clock. Love it!

Room number two isn't all the different from room one. Same color palette, same lines, and same textures. However, I made the couch the pop of color and all the other pieces within the room simple. Another Mid Century couch for obvious reasons and super modern lounge chairs give this room a more upscale vibe. I went with a marble coffee table with simple high shine end tables. The black mirrored desk would look gorgeous placed behind the sofa. I would add these horse head bookends and structured clock to the desk as room accents. A round mirror and simple floor lamp complete the look. So chic!!

Room number three couldn't be more different. I kept the whole room black and white. I think of Hollywood when I saw this room come together. Maybe a little Rachel Zoe, right? I went with another Mid Century sofa that looks like you could literally curl up and get comforted in it's soft fabric. I added modern black leather arm chairs and brought back the rattan ottoman. I also added the black side tables, the Art Deco bar, and simple white vases for a little accent. I love the pineapple table lamps. I would add them to either the side tables or the bar. The floor lamp just adds a little more flair and the mirror completes the entire look. I think this might be my favorite!

Now that you've seen the rooms, which one is your favorite? Or, do you have a favorite piece that you would love to add to your existing home? There would be no way for me to pick just one! So maybe I can just come and decorate your room for you!

Head over to Decaso to see more pieces. The site is chocked full of amazing designs and designers to browse for ideas. It's truly stunning! Now it's time to get back to my home decor updates!!


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