Mama DIY: Take a Seat

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remember those wooden desks from our youth? The ones we used in college perhaps? You sat down in an old wooden chair, with a wrap around side desk and bottom shelf for your books, and maybe scribble something cute on the desk. Well, my mom and I found one at Savers and we brought it home! We had big ideas for it and it turned out so cute!! So cute that we almost kept it because my son decided he had to have it. We didn't keep it and it can be yours!!

So what exactly did I do? Well, let me tell you. I sanded down the desk so that I could get rid of as many scribble marks as possible. I then wrapped the portion of the desk that I didn't want painted. I decided to paint the desk portion of the chair in chalkboard paint because how fun would it be to have this in your child's room so they can draw, practice letters, work on math, and then erase everything to start over! I love how it turned out. And chalkboard paint is so easy to use! You need about two to three coats to get the coverage you want and it doesn't feel rough to the touch. 

After the desk dried, I covered it and got to painting the remainder of the chair. One major thing I learned from this, sand!! I should have sanded the chair lightly to get rid of the varnish finish. It caused the paint to barely stick and drip. I found myself putting a very light coat of paint on it in the beginning and subsequent light layers for the remainder of the paint job. In total, there are four coats of paint and I went through five cans of spray paint. I'm not sure if the sanding process would have helped, but it couldn't have hurt!

So here is the process in pictures!

Isn't it darling? And it's available at our booth, Southern Unique Elegance, in Louisburg! It would be so cute in your child's room or playroom. Or in a fun place in your home. I love the color combo. I think we need another one!

What do you think of the desk? Remember using one of these? Would you use it today? I have more DIY pieces coming your way! Stay tuned!


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