Appropriate Dress Code

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

There are a lot of opinions going around regarding the recent headlines about a United flight asking a 10 year old girl to change out of her leggings because it didn't meet their dress code standards. And if you only read the headline, you might shake your head and ask what does it matter if the girl was wearing leggings. Everyone wears leggings. But if you actually read the article, it states that the girl was flying on a travelers pass, and per company policy, when using the traveler's pass you must adhere to the company's dress code. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with United's decision. 

When blogging under Style My Way, I wrote about airline travel attire and how I used to be required to wear dresses and other Sunday best clothing. No one flew in their pajamas or yoga pants. Flyers took travel seriously, as a privilege, and dressed the part. Today, it looks like most travelers literally rolled out of bed and wore what they put on the night before. And I for one find it incredibly disrespectful for other patrons and the airline staff. You couldn't find a descent pair of jeans and nice shirt somewhere in your closet? I'm sure you wouldn't wear this while out on the town. Why wear it in on a plane? As you can see from the photos below, this is how our family dresses when we travel. My sons first flight consisted of jeans, a button down, and sweater vest. His second was also jeans, button down, and nice pull over. 

After arriving in Veags, my husband and I hit the strip in exactly what we wore on the flight out. 

With the exception of the shorts, my husband changed upon arrival, we hit the streets of NY in what we wore on the flight. 

And I don't just stop at airlines. Whenever we are on the go around town, McKinley is always in what I call dressy casual. At the zoo, Deanna Rose Farmstead, the mall, or at the park, he is always in something cute. And I'm not the only one who takes pains to dress their child up on a daily basis. I have two girlfriends who's daughters are darling on a daily basis! Don't believe me? Head over to Bun In My Oven for evidence! Those girls are the best dressed girls I've seen in ages, aside from my other girlfriends daughters!

For me, it's a respect thing. I have far too much respect for my city, the patrons, the establishments we visit, and the school we attend to have my child show up in nothing but his finest. Sure, there are times when he's in cotton shorts and a t-shirt, but that's usually when playing in our own backyard. Even when heading to our local park, he's pretty darn dapper! 

I started a styling series at the beginning of Kindergarten called Dressing McKinley, but with winter and heavy coats, I wasn't able to capture as many daily looks as I would like. I hope to continue the series now that spring and summer are on the horizon. But, I was able to snap a few photos before heading out this morning of just how I dress my son for school. That's right! He's in a pinstripe button down, half-zip Polo pullover, jeans, and my all time favorite Stride Rite shoes!

And for the record, another girlfriend's son dresses up for school daily and even goes so far as to sport a sweater vest every Wednesday! I love that I'm not the only one out there!

Keep up the good work mamas! Dress those kiddos up and don't apologize for it! Our kids are dressed to impress!


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