A KC Mama Spring Break

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Friday starts spring break for us, and as usual, we are staying in town. However, the temps don't scream spring break around here! Tomorrow is supposed to be around 70 and a wintry mix comes Saturday! The rest of the week is in the 40s and 50s, so it looks like an indoor spring break is going to need to be planned. I've got some ideas up my sleeve and I thought I would share them all with you.

McKinley is really into weather, tornadic activity, volcano eruptions, and other forces of nature. And he's requested for months that we create a tornado so he can see the movement of the funnel cloud. I've done my research, I just haven't purchased the required supplies....a clear plastic 2L bottle! That's all about to change. Since I've given up soft drinks for Lent, I will need to get a 2L Diet Coke for my husband and tell him he needs to finish it before next week. Gotta get that kids science experiment prepped for next week! Here is what I'm planning to do. However, I've seen this one but it seems pretty intense. Have you seen the supply list? I'll keep you posted next week on which one we decide to use.

Up next is a volcano. This experiment seems super cool! I will need to invest in modeling clay, have someone drink a can of anything (mama may need a beer next week), and all the other ingredients. Definitely an outside project and one that will be saved for a fairly warm afternoon. 

I would love to plan a trip to Science City. We haven't been since I blogged about our trip last year. And while there, I would love to take McKinley to the Planetarium for the first time. They have one that's hosted by Big Bird and I think that would be a little less daunting for your first trip. I'm not sure how he will react to the darkness, but I think he'll find it pretty cool. And since Science City is located in Union Station, I'm pretty sure a visit will be made to the model train exhibit and lunch at Crown Center. Looks like I will simply plan an entire day between both venues and I'm totally okay with that!

Also on the list are the normal things we do around town. A visit to Chuck E. Cheese because what kid doesn't need an afternoon of greasy pizza and games?! A possible trip the zoo on a day that's a tad warmer. Sleepovers at Meme and Granddaddy's because what mini vacation would be complete without a night of being spoiled rotten! And there will be plenty of time to just hang out at home, in our pajamas, playing and doing absolutely nothing. It's a fine balance between activities and down time, and McKinley has that covered! 

What are you planning for spring break? I'm getting ready by spending the day cleaning so that when Friday comes, I'm free to just hang out with my kiddo and make super fun memories for spring break 2017!!


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