Spring Break Kickoff - Pink Eye

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello Spring Break! Hello Pink Eye! What? That's right, McKinley woke up Friday morning around 8:00, which is serious sleep in props, with pink eye! At first I thought maybe it was just allergies. His eyes have looked like that before with spring seasonal allergies, but as the day went on, his left eye started looking a little more red and had a little bit of crust along the lash line. Better to be safe than sorry, with my dad having cataract surgery today, we loaded up and headed to our local CVS Minute Clinic. The NP thought it my be viral, since he was also running a low grade temp and both ears were a little pink....seriously! But, because of my dad's surgery, she decided to go ahead and treat McKinley with drops. Okay then....

These are Friday morning eyes. See why I thought maybe allergies.

We headed back to my parents house, after getting the okay for McKinley to be around my dad as long as he continually washed his hands, where I popped the cork on a bottle of champagne to cheers the kick off to spring break, pink eye, and a way to end our Friday! And, my husband had just walked through their front door to be informed of the diagnosis and shook his head in bewilderment. How in the world had he gotten pink eye and what about the low grade temp and pink ears? I shook my head, told him I had no idea, and sipped my much needed champs! I needed all the liquid courage in order to put the first round of drops in McKinley's eye. The first round of drops ever administered. And as predicted, it didn't go well. Tears, yelling, and him constantly telling me to blow on his eye! Only six more days with so many more drops to go.....

Oh, did I mention McKinley had planned to sleepover at my parents and we had planned on going out. My parents insisted it was okay he stayed, my dad had been exposed so there was no turning back, and McKinley would have been so disappointed if he hadn't been able to sleepover. Before we left, it was another round of drops, another round of tears, and another round of yelling "Blow on my eye, Mama!" I needed another drink!

So here we are on Monday and things are getting so much better! He's eyes aren't nearly as red, drop administration is going so much better, and I think we are going to make it! It was touch and go there for a while. He thought he was blind on Saturday morning when he woke up with his right eye swollen shut from the pink eye goo. Oh, did I fail to mention that he had it in both eyes come Saturday morning? Worse in the right than the left and it started in the left! Sunday morning met us with the same eye issue, however both eyes were glued shut which lead to tons of tears and a lot of screaming "I can't open my eyes!" But he feel back to sleep and woke up with the ability to open both without the assistance of a wet washcloth. And, we were able to get out of the house. We went to places where he wasn't going to really touch anything, but he also isn't really infectious anymore. I think today is going to be a really good day. We will either go to Chuck E. Cheese, where we never got to go on Friday, or maybe to the mall for a little retail therapy at Build A Bear and the Disney Store where he has gift cards to use. I will ensure he has a special week after he cried to me on Saturday night, worried that he would have to spend his spring break at home and not able to go do anything fun all week. It broke my heart!

These are Saturday's eyes.....

These are Sunday's eyes!

So here is what I've learned about pink eye. Wash everything! Your hands to the point of chapping. Wash everything your child might have come in contact with! That includes all sheets and clothes. Clorox wipe all of the toys, door knobs, and phones! Lysol everything else. Like your pillow that you didn't know had been Lysoled all day by your husband, and when you finally went to bed, couldn't escape this weird smell all night! And if you aren't washing your hands with soap and water like they did in the movie Silkwood, you're using copious amounts of hand sanitizer! I couldn't be more sanitizied that I am right now! But at times I feel like my eyes are burning, itching, filled with goo, and that I need at least another shower. I'm not sure if I have pink eye or lice! By the way, these are the four things you'll need to survive pink eye! You're welcome!

Has pink eye hit your house? If so, what did you do to help cure the dreaded passing of the infection? Any home remedies? With us being on the tail end of it, some other readers could use the information as well! Please share with us all! In the meantime, we are off to try and enjoy the rest of the week, and I'm applying as much hand cream as I can find. 


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