Spring Break So Far

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's Wednesday and we're already half way through the week! I feel like we've done nothing but put drops in McKinley's eyes and ward off the cold by doing all indoor activities. We've had some fun along the way and some extra fun with Joel taking a half day off so he could hang out with us! Here is what we've done so far!

Over the weekend, we spent most of our time at home which allowed McKinley to heal and not spread pink eye to the public! Thankful no one else was infected within the family, including my dad who is currently recovering from cataract surgery. However, on Sunday, we decided to let McKinley spread his wings by doing a few things he loved since his eyes were so much clearer and he had been on drops for a full two and a half days. We headed to Crown Center for lunch at Fritz's, followed by a trip to Union Station to check out the model trains. Yes, we are there all the time, but this is his spring break and he's had enough sickness with the flu last month! After the trains, we headed back to Crown Center for another visit to Under the Sea. He loved it just as much the second time around. Those exhibits are truly the best!

On Monday McKinley and I had a little mama/son time at his other favorite place, the mall! We headed straight to Build-A-Bear where he cashed in his gift card for Chirpity, his new spring chic. He's super cute and has made himself at home among the other bears in McKinley's collection.

From there, we were off to the food court for lunch! There is nothing like a slice of pizza and a little conversation while people watching. From there, we took our adventures to the Disney Store! Yet another gift card to be used, this kid has tons of money to spend, where he got the Donald Duck Roadster Racer "Duck Car" and a Dinoco helicopter from Cars. Up next, the Lego store. He loves browsing all the cool sets that are on display, reading the number of pieces listed on the really big boxes, and telling me which ones he wants for his birthday. And, he got a starter kit with a cool mail helicopter. I see a theme here... And as always, we rode the carousel. We had a great time!!

Yesterday, my husband took a half day of vacation to hang out and we headed to our favorite bowling alley! Man was it packed. Everyone had the same idea, but what does a family do on spring break when it's pouring down snow and freezing? And wouldn't you know it, McKinley got his first strike and neither of us saw it! McKinley and I headed to the counter to ask for a few additional minutes on our lane to finish our tenth frame. It was McKinley's turn to bowl so he headed back to the lane. Joel was setting up the Gator and didn't see McKinley slide in right behind me. While Joel was asking me where he was and me telling him he was bowling, McKinley runs over to tell me he knocked down all ten pins! That's right, a strike, and we didn't see a thing.... Wah, wah! He actually bowled his best games! He's turning into quite the bowler.

He picked several spares as well!

 Finally, we explored the world of Shrinky Dinks! My childhood is now being experienced by my child and I love it. Now to find him a Lite Brite! However, they weren't actual Shrinky Dinks. It was Shrink Art, a box of really cool designs that McKinley loved picking out and coloring. We waited for Dada to get home before we shrunk him and McKinley was amazed by the whole thing. I had forgotten just how cool it was to watch! It's run reliving the past through the eyes of McKinley!


 Today we are thinking of going to Party City to look at possible birthday party themes. Someone turns six next month and I'm not ready!! We may head to Louisburg to check out the booth, We are thinking of making St. Patrick's Day cookies, with some Easter thrown in, and there will be some play time in there somewhere! What are you guys doing today?


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