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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today is Fat Tuesday!! This used to be a party day for us, or should I say party evening, but now we just stay home and maybe have an adult beverage after McKinley goes to bed. It does mean one thing though, pancakes for dinner!! And I'm more excited about that than the possible drink later. That's sad, right?

But with Fat Tuesday comes Lent and it's time to start thinking about the things I'm going to give up. In the past, I've tried to give up chocolate, but have caved within the week. I've been successful with fast food and soft drinks in the past. I'm now just down to soft drinks because you never know when we might be on the road and McDonald's is our only option for lunch! Yes, I can stick to theirs salads, but you can't really eat those in the car. At least I can't. 

Then there's the notion of not giving anything up but actually doing more. My mom just recently read an article about filling a bag a day for 30 days, and donating all the goods to a charity of your choice. I've been donating for years and could probably come up with another 30 bags, but that's a lot of discipline! And I guess that's the whole point, right? And I may do this to a point, but it might not be 30 bags.... But what I'm thinking of doing is more exercise! 

Remember how I thought I was super out of shape after walking the zoo last Sunday and then it turned out to be the flu? Well, I'm still out of shape and I need to do something about it. We cancelled our gym membership because Joel was the only one using it and he can work out for free at work. So I need to try and be super inventive in my workouts. I'm a girl who likes variety and movement. I'm not good at yoga because you are too still for too long. I love aerobic/dance type classes, I love to walk in the neighborhood, and from time to time, possibly jog. But I have to keep it moving and I have to mix it up.

And you need to look good, right? If I'm going to workout, I feel I need to look the part. I used to be a baggy pants kind of workout girl, but workout gear has evolved and I should probably evolve with it. I hate leggings, but the ones I found at Target are actually pretty cute! And the cute jacket and sleeveless  hoodie are darling! I love a cute workout shoe that's versatile. I need it to take me from walks to the zoo to dropping McKinley off at school and these I found are perfect!

And let's talk about the Fitbit Flex 2. I love my original Fitbit, but it's time for an upgrade. First off, I love the slimness of this new Flex 2. It will pair easily with my watch, where the original Fitbit was a little too bulky. And you can swim with this one! With my other, all you could to do was shower and wash dishes. With this one, we can walk to the neighborhood pool and I don't have to worry about remembering to take it off before getting it wet! Swimming laps is another thing I love to do and I can do it with this one while tracking my exercise. Love that! And that darling gold bangle, an extra, makes it look like a piece of jewelry and who doesn't love that!! 

Are you one for participating during Lent? If so, are you a do more kind of person or a give something up? What do you plan to do either way this year? Are you an exercise guru? If so, share with use what you do to stay in shape? I'm all for suggestions! 

Now, who's dreaming of pancakes???


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