KC Fun: Crown Center

Monday, February 13, 2017

We are so lucky to live in a city that constantly has family friendly things to do and we are just the family to take advantage of these experiences. This weekend was no different. Hands down, McKinley's favorite thing to do is spend time at Crown Center. And why wouldn't he! His favorite restaurant is Fritz's, he loves to create at Kaleidoscope, we explore the oceans of Sea Life, throw coins in the fountains, and spend time in their ever evolving hands-on exploratory exhibits. It's awesome!

McKinley and I spent Friday afternoon together all around Crown Center. We dined with the trains at Fritz's, browsed the toy store to enhance his birthday list, and headed over to Sea Life. We hadn't been to Sea Life in months and it was an over-due visit. We normally fly through, but on Friday McKinley was all about taking his time and watching the fish in each tank. We spent a lot of time at their touch pool where he asked questions about the creatures in the water and gently touched each one. We watched the short film around how certain sea life is becoming extinct and how we can help. Watched the fish in the Coral Reef Exhibit, specifically spending our time watching two fish dart in and out of the sand every time it got up its nerve to swim. Upon seeing any large fish swim by, it would be driven back in its hole. It was hilarious! And McKinley got a huge kick of out it. The best part of the visit was the Doodle Reef. There, kids can choose a fish to color, scribble various colors on the touch screen pads, and then watch it swim on a giant screen with all the other fish in the sea. He colored three different fish, and would have colored more, but we had to get going. We were there for almost two hours! He had a wonderful time!

After such a fun Friday, we were back down there on Sunday with Joel to do a little ice skating! Every year, Crown Center opens their Ice Terrace during the winter months and it's a crowd favorite. McKinley has asked all winter to go ice skating, he asked again on Friday, so we decided to take him over the weekend. I hadn't been on skates since the age of 10, and at 43 one begins to worry about brittle bones upon falling, so I was a nervous wreck. And, I worried that McKinley would fall and hurt himself as well. As a result, I am so stiff and sore today from tensing up and holding on to him with an iron claw. But it was so much fun and I am so glad we did it! Can't say I'm ready to do it again any time soon....


From there, we hit the new Under the Sea exhibit, but I'm saving that for tomorrow. It deserves it's on post and I want to focus on these fun interactive exhibits that Crown Center creates!!

What did you guys do this weekend? In addition to all of our time at Crown Center, we spent Saturday at home outside with those amazing spring like temps! It was glorious!


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