Feeling the Love

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today is Valentine's Day! It's all about love, everything red, and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate! I've always loved Valentine's Day. It's the day where all school aged kids get lovely reminders that they are loved by everyone, before boys start picking the pretty girls and not you! You get to have a Valentine's Day party in your classroom, which I'm happily co-hosting this afternoon. And, you get to wear red, my all time favorite color. There really isn't much not to love about this day.

Know what else I love? Pretty things. Girly things. Fancy things! I'm drawn to pretty fabrics in clothing whether it's a print, the fabric itself, a pretty color, or cut. Just yesterday, my sweet mama bought me the most gorgeous bomber jacket from H&M in the softest blush hue for spring! And, it's silky to the touch which makes it even better! I'm drawn to fancy living rooms that are mostly look and not touch! I desperately want a furry white rug to lay on, look at, and use for display photos on Instagram. I want a new grown up light fixture over my kitchen table to complete the overall look. And, I'm dying over mirrored anything! Oh, and cute coffee mugs for home and on the go!

I've picked out nine of my favorite lovely things and I'm sharing them with you! 

What are some of the things you love? Of course it's your spouse, significant other, or children, but what else? What makes you happy? Makes your heart go pitter pat? Gives you googly eyes? I want to know!

I hope you have a lovely day on this Valentine's Day. And that you get chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!!


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