Mama Style File: Shoe Shopping

Monday, February 6, 2017

I love shoes! And if you don't believe me, come on over and see the collection for yourself! It's pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. It's been years of cultivating the perfect pairs and I love them all. However, I do have several that I'm parting with soon as I find I'm not wearing heels as often as I used to. They are simply showing their age in trend, not wear. But, when you're getting rid of one, you replace one, right? That's how I see it anyway.

Yesterday as I was browsing Instagram, I found a darling pair of booties that one of my fashionista friends is currently wearing. And they are everything! A studded motorcycle bootie that must find its way into my closet! I headed straight to the Choies website and immediately found three more pairs of boots/booties that I loved. And while you're browsing for shoes, why stop at boots? I found slip-on sneakers, flats, and sandals. They are classic, trendy, and so chic! There are nine in total and each one is must-have!

My obsession with flamingos is strong and those flats from Zara are just the thing to cure it. Remember the wedges from Kate Spade? And if you're asking if I need two pairs of flamingo shoes, I'm going to say absolutely! Ones a wedge and ones a flat. They're completely different! The pom-pom craze is still on trend and it's made its way from handbag accessories to shoe adornment. The slip-on sneakers from Steve Madden are so cute, but those sandals from Zara are amazing for summer! And I don't care that they're velvet. Velvet for summer is what I say! 

There's those studded beauties from Choies along with a pair of tall boots designed after the Givenchy boots that were on my "only in my dreams" wishlist. And I'm totally crushing on those pink booties! I have no idea how I would style them, or what I have in my closet to wear them with, but they are darling!

And the slip-on sneaker is a must! I have several pairs and I wear them on repeat in the summer. I love the olive green pair, but those rose gold metallics are screaming my name! Thank you, Target, for designing affordable footwear to feed my shoe obsession! My wallet thanks you, I think....

If you love shoes like I do, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and now's the time to start dropping hints! You can drop subtle hints or just show your loved one the photo above! And point specifically to the pair you want and the size you wear. Whatever works! But deciding on which pair is going to be the hardest!

Which is your favorite? Are you all about trends or a classic shoe that goes with everything in the closet? I love all shoes equally! I received the best compliment ever a couple of weeks ago when I sported a pair of teal blue heels. I was told that I always wore the happiest shoes and that made me so happy! It made my feet happy too!

Happy Monday!


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