Mama Drinks: Two Ginger Beer Cocktails

Thursday, September 29, 2016

With fall weather finally here, I've been thinking more and more about fall cocktails. I had apple cider on the brain and really wanted to mix it with ginger beer. Guess what? I didn't have any apple cider on hand. Apple brandy? Nope. So, my mom and I brainstormed about flavors that mixed well with ginger and it turns out most berries work. And in true research form, I made two cocktails just to make sure. That's right, it's a two for one post with one main ingredient, ginger beer.

Cherry Ginger Cocktail

Here's what you need:
Cherry Liqueur, Ginger Beer (we used Crabbie's), Club Soda 

Add a shot to an ice filled glass. Or in my case, over pour a shot and have it run all over the place!

Add the ginger beer leaving a little room at the top for the club soda.

Add a splash of club soda for a little extra fizz and to cut the sweetness. Stir and enjoy!!

Creme de Cassis Ginger Cocktail 

Here's what you need:
Creme de Cassis, Ginger Beer, Club Soda (optional)

Add a shot of the Cassis to an ice filled glass.

Fill with ginger beer and stir. I opted not to add the club soda to this version.

I love the color! This was our favorite, but we had my dad test both, and he sided with the Cherry Ginger Beer Cocktail. Why you ask? Because it wasn't as sweet. Turns out the club soda really does cut the sweetness, so add a splash if you want something a little more refreshing. And he was right. Once we added a splash to the Cassis version, it really did change the taste! 

Both of these drinks were delicious! If you aren't one for ginger beer, you need to give it a shot. A shot of liquor that is! I am still going to try it with apple cider because I'm thinking it would be divine. And, I'm even thinking something on the pumpkin spice wagon as well. I mean when in fall, right?

 Hope you guys enjoy them! Till next cocktail time, cheers!



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