Mama Needs: Coffee Maker

Friday, September 9, 2016

School is in full swing and we have a pretty good routine going. One I never really thought would take hold. However, because we are now going to bed earlier, my child has decided to make his wake up call earlier and earlier. It was originally 7:00, but over the last couple of days, he's decided 6:30 is a more appropriate time. I, however, do not!

I am usually up a little after 6:00, and I've been using that hour for a little early morning mama time. I get dressed, do a little morning primping, and then spend the time either working on the blog or reading. It's my little piece of heaven in the morning. As of late, it's not so much heaven.

And because he's getting up earlier, I'm making coffee earlier, and I've started rethinking my coffee. Well, not really my coffee, but my coffee pot. Currently, I'm using a little Mr. Coffee four cup coffee maker. It's fine. It does its job, but there are times where the lid sticks or won't shut at all. It's black, but I think I might want stainless to dress up my kitchen. And, I think I want something that does a little more.

I recently sold my cappuccino maker in a garage sale because I never used it. Not once. Making cappuccino for one isn't all that fun and it was huge for the kitchen counter. So, it hung out in my basement storage cabinet for 10 years. Not good use of space and why shouldn't I let someone else have the caffeine fun! Instead, I'm looking at a standard coffee pot (some come in 5 and 10 cup), the Coffee Ninja (so many cool things it can do), and a dual maker that makes both cups and singles. However, I'm leery of the latter because the single plastic cups aren't recyclable and I don't want to fill up landfills. Trying to be green when I can!

So here are a few that I'm considering.

Cuisinart 10 Cup /Mr Coffee 12 Cup Programmable/Ninja Coffee Bar/
Hamilton Beach Flex Brew 
I think I like the Ninja Coffee Bar because of all the bells and whistles. So many things I can make and it's not just a cup of coffee. Or, should I just go with a standard coffee pot. Do I really need all the bells and whistles?
What are you currently using? Have a brand or maker you like most? Let's chat! This mama is in need of all the caffeine she can get her hands on. And, different ways to make it.
Happy Friday!

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