Mama Beauty: A Re-Newed Face

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself on Instagram and Facebook to promote my Stella & Dot jewels. But, instead of receiving comments on the jewels, I got a ton of responses on my hair. I was taken aback. I even had a friend tell me that she thought the haircut made me look years younger. I loved the compliments.

I then took a look at the photo again this morning, reread my comment regarding the photo I took, and now I realize why I received all the comments about the hair. Here's what I wrote. "This is my new mantra. Nobody's perfect, especially not me. However, this layered look is pretty perfect." And now I feel like such a heel. So much so that I removed the photo, even though it's my new profile picture, because I don't want anyone to think I'm that conceded. I would never think that I'm that worthy of such compliments or be looking to receive them. I'm so embarrassed!

But then I started thinking about it. Why should I be embarrassed that I posted a nice photo of myself and that people think I have an awesome haircut, which I do! Why are we so afraid to say that we think a certain way of ourselves and then hope no one thinks we're thinking too highly of ourselves? What's wrong with thinking we're pretty? 

I had intended to write this beauty post before this, but now I'm even more ready to talk! I read a recent blog post from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere regarding her new beauty regimen and I decided to embrace it as well. I'm a girl who loves her makeup. I love to play with colors on my eyes and lips. Changing up my look is fun. But, I'm not really a daily makeup girl anymore. Let's be honest, this mama hasn't probably worn makeup daily in over six months. I may apply some mascara to add some dimension to my eyes. Or I may add a little pop of color to my lips when taking a photo. But other than that, I don't have the time or want to wear makeup these days. And as a result, some days I feel like I look older than my 42 years. Like a hag. Not at all pretty. 

I've decided to mix up my makeup routine and follow in the footsteps of Emily. I call it my Re-Newed Face. I'm going foundation free. I may have an uneven skin tone here and there, but for the most part, I think it's pretty refreshing. I don't feel like my face is tight from the foundation. And let me clarify, I've never really been a foundation girl. I use Clinique's Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer and I love it. And will continue to use for a night out, just not daily. Instead, I'm going with concealer under the eyes to lighten them up and help brighten the whole eye area. To my lids, I'm applying MAC eye paint and a shimmery cream shadow. Curling my lashes and then adding mascara. And lastly, a rose pink blush. That's it! When I need a lip color, I'm going with muted colors for every day. For night, it's full on bright!

And here is the result! Haircut aside, I like the look. I don't feel like I look like a hag, older than 42, and I feel like a re-newed mama! I'm still a little embarrassed over the whole comment and possibly thinking that people think I think I'm pretty.

Are you willing to change up your beauty routine? Are you willing to let certain aspects of your makeup take a break and let your natural beauty shine? Give it a try! You might surprised!


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