McKinley's Holiday Cookie Party

Monday, December 4, 2017

This year I've decided not to host an adult holiday party. Instead, I asked McKinley if he would like to host his own kid friendly party and he immediately said yes. I thought it would be super cute for him to host a holiday cookie decorating party for nine of his friends, ten total with him. I asked him which type of cookies he would like the group to decorate and he insisted on Gingerbread Houses. How could I say no! Gingerbread Houses it is! 

As you know, I love to send out personalized invites for parties, but for this one, I took the Evite route. I found the most darling invite with Gingerbread men dancing in a line. I realize it wasn't a house theme invite, but if you could see these Gingerbread men high kicking like the Rockette's, you would go to for it as well. And besides, the Gingerbread House was something about raising the roof and that didn't seem terribly appropriate. Dancing men it was! 

I've spent time on Pinterest, like I do when it comes to finding inspiration for my parties, and I've found tons of useful information. For instance, I'm making the houses out of graham crackers! Genius, right? I wasn't really going to bake my own gingerbread and then try to cut out house pieces. Nor was I going to invest in a ton of those pre-made houses. This graham cracker time saver, and cost savings, is a savior! However, I will be making my own icing. It's super easy too. It's confectioner sugar, cream of tartar, egg whites, and water. You need it to be a little thick so it acts like glue. I plan to make these on Friday so they have time to dry and harden. Oh, and how adorable is this idea for a tree in the yard. Take a sugar cone and turn it upside down on the board. Darling! (I found the idea from That Mommy Blog.)

I've already purchased all the goodies for the houses. We got round peppermints in red and green, spiced gumball candies, mini candy canes, mini chewy Starbursts, and so much more. Each child will get their own bag of frosting to apply the candies and to create snow on the houses. And, I'm thinking of added coconut for each child to create 3-D snow! I found the cutest idea to place all the candies in a six cup muffin tin and place them down the table. This allows each kid access to candies within their reach. Also, I'm going to take large rectangle cake boards and cut them down to individual boards for each house. That way they have a creating surface and a way to transport them home. 

If time permits, I want to make gingerbread cookies for them to eat either while their decorating or after. I'll have Christmas music playing and I hope to have time for them to watch a classic Christmas movie. Possibly Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman. And you're going to need something to sip on and I plan to have a hot cocoa bar. I've been inspired by my research on Pinterest to recreate one of these three stand versions. Are they not the sweetest things you've ever seen? My mom found these Santa and Mrs. Clause mugs at Pottery Barn and they are perfection! (I have an antique version I've collected but would never dare use.) I found my three tiered stand at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And, I can take it apart and lay it flat when not in use. Love the space saver version!!

This is the Pottery Barn version. So sweet!

How cute are these mugs? See the foursome above. It doesn't include the Reindeer or the Snowman.

One last thing. I've asked all the parents to stay so we can all toast in some holiday cheer. I'm thinking of serving a mulled wine, but I did just see a peppermint vodka hot chocolate that just might make the cut! Nothing like a little warm drink to help keep us in the holiday spirit.

I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than McKinley for this party. And I hope the kids coming are as well. I think it's just as important for them to have a special event to attend during the holidays as it is for adults. Now, I may find time to throw something together last minute for friends. But if I don't, this will last me all season long!


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