Holiday Bucket List - Week Two

Friday, December 15, 2017

Can you believe we are a little more than a week away from Christmas? It's flying by and I still have so much to do. I want to get cookies baked and decorated, decorate the gingerbread village I purchased a couple of weeks ago, wrap a few gifts, bake a view gifts, spend some time with friends, and get ready for the big man in red! It's a lot! 

But, the holiday bucket list is coming along nicely. I have a few things planned throughout next week to prep for the weekend. Lots of things to check off the list. And, I'm thinking the list doesn't have to end on December 25th. The holidays run through NYE, so let's shoot for accomplishing the list by the first of the year. And, maybe it will snow by then to check some of the winter things off the list. 

We haven't decorated a true gingerbread house, but McKinley hosted his first holiday cookie decorating party last weekend and the kids decorated graham cracker houses. It was so much fun and I loved watching the kids get creative. Like I said, I have a gingerbread village for us to decorate next week and we can officially check that off the list!

McKinley creates a holiday craft every year and then gives it as gifts to family. This year is the snowman clothespin. Isn't it darling? Great aunts and his great grandmother are getting one and I hope they love them! I do!

The holiday cards have been sent! My dad is our annual family photographer and he did an awesome job again this year. Happy 2017! Another holiday candle is lit! I love the smell of pine and this one is amazing

Last weekend my hubby put up the antique aluminum tree complete with vintage Shiny Bright ornaments. Isn't she a beauty?

I checked off watching Polar Express because that movies runs all year long. My son can't get enough of the movie. I'm sure we will watch it again soon. And I've lived under a blanket in the evenings watching Hallmark Channel's Christmas movies. Old and new favorites have been recorded on the DVR so I can go back and watch at anytime. Loving Sleigh Bells Ring, The Mistletoe Promise, Christmasland, With Love, Christmas, and I'm looking forward to the premier of Christmas Next Door this weekend. 

Where are you on your list? What things are you checking off? What do you have planned for the week? Share with us! I would love to hear about all your holiday fun.

Happy Friday!


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