Party Planning: Rustic Dinner Party

Monday, October 23, 2017

I am at it again! I'm in party planning mode and I'm in heaven! Aside from constantly updating my house, and running around town with my family, party planning is one of my all time favorite things to do. And this one stems from the fact that my birthday is coming up and it's on a Friday this year. Now, we will be celebrating with family on the actual day, but the next evening is completely free. And we are filling in the evening with a dinner party with our friends. I'm so excited!

If you followed along last year during my holiday party planning posts, you know that I love to start with a theme and build my party from there. It's fall, so with all the gorgeous browns, burnt oranges, and creamy neutrals, I'm going totally rustic! Think nature inspired decor like pumpkins, wood, pine cones, acorns, and whimsical florals. And candles! You have to have candles. But unscented because you don't want to interfere with the aromas that will be coming from your dinner! 

I've been doing my Pinterest research and I've found some amazing inspiration for my table decor. Honestly, there are so many gorgeous settings that I can't decide where to begin! And how to decorate. But, I've narrowed it down to the centerpieces I like and that's a start!

How incredibly romantic is this? I love the subtle glow of the candles and the simplicity of the greenery and wood slices.

This screams rustic fall!

This is beautiful, but probably not right for a centerpiece. However, I thinking it will help dress up the bar or the buffet.

And this would last all season long! Perfect for your Thanksgiving table later in the month.

So now that we have some centerpieces to work with, let's look at our dinnerware. It just so happens that I have plenty of pieces to chose from! I've got stunning teal plates with gold peacocks, sweet salad plates with darling birds (you know how I feel about birds in decor), and my vintage Iroquois Harvest Time dishes. Placed over grapevine chargers, the rustic vibes is incredibly vibrant. Earth tone stemware and gold silverware are perfect compliments. And I'm going to use neutral a tablecloth and napkins. And the pitcher would make a darling floral vase.

With all of this inspiration, it's time to go out into natural and see what I can gather! I know from experience that pine cones are gorgeous decor and so easy to prep. Yes, you have to prep your pine cones if you've picked them off the ground! Head here to see how! Tiny pumpkins can be picked up at the grocery store, but I better stock up now! As for the other supplies, I will just start filling in as I find what I love! 

When you think rustic, how would you decorate your table? And would you do it all yourself or head to your local craft store and hit up their amazing fall sales? I'm thinking a little of both! 

There is so much more to discuss. We have the dinner menu, the signature cocktail, setting up the bar, what dessert to make, and so much more! I can't wait to share it all!


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