Give Me All the Sweatshirts

Friday, October 20, 2017

From time to time, I like to break things up on the blog and talk about my second love, fashion! These are posts I like to refer to as Mama Style File. You know, things that are fashionable for the drop off/pick up line, Starbucks drive through, and weekly Target runs that still look chic and pulled together. My daily look has become a little more casual these days, thanks to all the darling sweatshirts that are currently on trend! I've always loved my graphic shirts, but now there's the addition of puffy sleeves, oversized ties, and faux fur! And you know how much I love faux fur on anything! Oh, and then there's the sweatshirt dress! EEKK! Seriously, sweatshirts are my new favorite thing in my wardrobe.

Now that the weather is turning cooler, depending on the day around here, I've been shopping all the sweatshirts styles that I can get my hands on. I've found eight that I'm pretty sure none of us could live without and they are all so affordable. Even better, right? 

These dressier versions of the sweatshirt can be worn with everyday jeans, but I'm also thinking about those cute J.Crew camo pants I'm obsessed with or with my faux leather leggings, if they pass the length test! Also, if styled right, any of my leather mini's! 

But then there are days where you just want to say it on your shirt and these immediately caught my eye! Etsy is a rabbit hole of darling sweatshirts and I found myself trapped for about an hour yesterday. I laughed out aloud, alone in my office, and then called my mom to share them with her. These made the cut, for now, but don't worry. I have plenty saved to my favorites for later!

Sure, these seem laid back, but I love how they paired them with a gray denim. I love gray denim. Such a chic break from your average pair of jeans! I also have a black pair of coated denim that would be so cute with these. And seriously, "Wish You Were Beer" is fabulous!

This new trend is one I can whole heartedly embrace! And, being the ever fabulous Stella & Dot Stylist that I am, I am already planning darling accessories for each look. From statement chandelier earrings to sweet delicates, there are definitely ways to take these from sweat to sweet!

Which is your favorite? Would you wear these with just simple jeans or with your finest leather? The styling options are endless!

Happy Friday, All!


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