Fall Family Outing

Thursday, October 5, 2017

McKinley came home last Thursday afternoon from school with a low grade temp. By midnight it was 103.5! Yikes! It came out of nowhere. He was home from school on Friday and was a puny little mess. Saturday was much the same. He ran a low grade to semi-high temp all weekend. That is until late afternoon Saturday. His temp was finally 98.6 and it stayed that way through Sunday morning. With his fever gone, and this household being stir crazy, we decided to have an easy going family outing. We packed up and headed to the apple orchard!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The weather turns crisp. You finally get to wear all those comfy sweaters. Pull out the edgy leather jacket you've been missing. Oh, and all the boots are on rotation! I can't get enough. But it's also pumpkin patch and apple picking time and we spend all of our weekends doing family fundays. McKinley requested the apple picking outing and we had a blast! Joel had never been and I'm pretty sure he had fun as well. With the exception for climbing apple trees to get the best ones that were hanging out at the top. We found ourselves scraped and scratched, but it was worth it to hear McKinley direct us to the best apples in the orchard. (Note to self, don't wait until apple season is almost over! Or take an apple picking tool with you for those hard to reach fruits!)

Before heading out, I packed us a little picnic lunch. We threw several blankets, the wagon, and bug spray in the car and off we went. What did I love most? Seeing how many families were out there doing the same thing. It truly is a family bonding experience. Here are some pics from our afternoon.

We have officially kicked off fall! What is on your family agenda? Up next for us is visiting Johnson Farms for a little pumpkin patch picking!


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