Mama Drinks: Chilled Tiramisu

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It was a typical Tuesday morning, I woke up before the sun, although it's not really rising until roughly 7:00 these days, so that's not hard to do. I was lounging in bed, browsing through Facebook, taking it easy while taking my time getting out of bed. McKinley rose around 6:30 and woke up in a mood. My easy morning immediately came to a hault. Cue the screeching sound of brakes! Good Morning!

From there it went downhill. He lost TV privileges last night after crying and gagging over eating cooked carrots, and this morning he lost video privileges for the rest of the day. And when I say he lost videos, this is huge! He loves to watch the Zamboni song video, Axel and Daddy YouTube videos, and TwentyTrucks, so this is big! So what prompted me taking away such privileges first thing this morning? Well let me tell you. Do you have your coffee in hand? Settle in.....

He has started the sing song phase of "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" and he sings it for everything. I took away PJ Masks on Disney because I think that started the whole thing. But now he's taken it to a whole different level. "Nanny nanny boo boo. It's all because of you." That's sung to me often when he gets mad about something I've told him to/asked him to do. And I've tried to brush it off, but it's gone too far. Then there's the blowing raspberry sound! Again, when he's mad, he makes that awful noise. I have put him on the stairs for it numerous times, but only when it's used in anger. But today was the breaking point. After he decided to blow a raspberry, on my way out of his room this morning (for something I can't even remember now), I broke. I went back in his room, spoke sternly (with a slightly raised voice), and proceeded to take away videos. And I told him that for every raspberry he blows from this point forward, videos will be gone another day. I will not be disrespected, especially at 6:30 in the morning!

So now it's 8:45, he's happy as a lark at school, and I'm drained! And I'm currently dreaming of this Chilled Tiramisu drink I made last week! I think I've earned it after the morning I endured! I'm thinking I will make a pot of coffee later this afternoon, let it come to room temp, and get ready for this drink around 5:00! In the meantime, let's talk about it.

Here's What You Need:
Coffee (cold or hot), Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Vanilla Vodka, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Syrup

Add coffee to a glass filled with ice. If you're making this hot, which I know will be amazing, add your hot coffee to a mug.

Add a shot of Kahlua to the coffee.

Add a shot of the Vanilla Vodka to the Kahlua and coffee. Stir.

Add a dollop, or more, of whipped cream and then drizzle with chocolate syrup. Or, you can be super fancy and add shaved chocolate instead.

And there you have it! A Chilled Tiramisu! It's incredible and incredibly dangerous so sip responsibly. And when I say responsibly, just make sure you have no where to go later because you're going to want to just sit, sip, and enjoy!



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