Mama DIY: Black Sequined Pumpkin

Monday, October 17, 2016

I love decorating for the holidays. Any holiday! And Halloween is no exception. I have a rather large collection of the Boney Collection from Yankee Candle, but I like to add a few other things here and there. A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I were shopping at Joanne's when we saw the most chic pumpkins. Painted white, they were adorned with black stripes and a shiny gold stem. I was immediately obsessed. Another one was black with shiny gold polka dots. Seriously, the cutest pumpkins. But I started thinking. I could make something just as cute. And I think I did. A black pumpkin with sequins of bronze, gold, and silver. It's so chic! And I'm sharing the how-to with you.

What You'll Need:
Styrofoam Pumpkin, Elmer's Glue, Paint Brush, Black Spray Paint, and Sequins

As we all know, Styrofoam will disintegrate when spray painted, so to protect your pumpkin, coat it with a thick layer of Elmer's glue. I used a skinny paint brush to apply mine, but you could totally use a sponge brush as well. My mom had these handy craft trays and they were perfect for the project. But a paper plate will work just the same.

Place a rather large amount of glue on the brush and start applying it to the pumpkin. Make sure you get in the creases of the pumpkin too. All areas need to be coated! And what's even better is that little hands can help as well! 

After you've applied the glue, you gotta let it dry. I know, I know. You just want to get in there, but you gotta let it dry. After it's dry, it's time to start painting. I loved the look of the shiny black pumpkin so I chose a glossy black. You pick the color of your choice!

Place your pumpkin on a cardboard box, or newspaper, and think about using a plastic glove. I usually end up with spray paint all over my hands so the glove came in handy! And, if you are super into safety, use a face mask. I always think about it after the fact....

Oh, and make sure you tape off the stem if you are going to paint it a different color!

And now you have a shiny black pumpkin! You can leave it like this, which is super cute, but I took it a step further.

 Using crafting glue like Aleane's Tacky Glue, apply a decent layer on small portions of the pumpkin and sprinkle the sequins over the glue. You may need to spread them out with your fingers, they can clog up around each other, to ensure even coverage. Also, shake the excess off from time to time.

 Also, I decided to only do half of my pumpkin, but you can do the entire surface. It's your pumpkin so do what you want to do!

Again, those little hands are perfect for helping!

Continue all around the pumpkin and turn it over to allow it all to dry. 

Here is the final product! And, you see a fabric covered pumpkin next to it. I'm going to blog about that version later in the week. I totally messed this one up when applying glitter and couldn't figure out how to fix it. So, I put a bandaid over it in the form of adorable Halloween inspired fabric!

 What do you think? Something you're going to try to decorate your home for Halloween? Is there something similar you've done in the past? Share it with us!

Happy Monday!


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