Turning the Page

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hallmark Channel has truly sucked me in when it comes to their sweet, romantic movies. Like I mentioned over the holidays, I love their countdown to Christmas, but my obsession has rolled into Winterfest. Take this past weekends Frozen in Love. It was darling! But I think what I loved most was the plot around the family owned bookstore. Which make me think of You've Got Mail. The movies don't have a plot in common, but it's the idea behind being a bookstore owner. Something I've wanted to be for years.

What is it about movies that romanticizes real life businesses or careers? They make them seem so obtainable. Successful even. That anyone could do it. And because of You've Got Mail, I decided that I wanted to own my own children's bookstore. I can see it. I've truly visualized that interior. Marketing ideas. Children's activities that would take place throughout the week and on weekends. Story hours for toddlers and older children. Discussions that could take place with those reading chapter books. And I can smell the pages of the books that we would offer. It's honestly a dream that I would love to make a reality.

Oh, and I even have the name. I'm always so hesitant to share such things because you may just see it in print six months from now. Not that anyone would truly steal an idea, but you never know right? Let's just say, it's the sweetest name and true perfection! What keeps me from taking the plunge? Conglomerates. Barnes and Noble. Amazon. Target and Walmart. All places selling books. All places that have a one stop shop approach. B&N offers books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, giftables, and coffee with the help of in store Starbucks cafes. Amazon, need I say more? And when you're shopping for groceries, household goods, and that cute camo sweatshirt you saw on your friend the other day, you might circle around to the entertainment section to pick up that best seller that's on your book club list. Or a baby gift. Why would you want to stop in that sweet little book store with it's distressed white bookcases lined with titles like The Pigeon Needs a Bath. Or Peppermints in the Parlor. Or any one of the Little Critter books and the antics of brother critter. But on the other hand, why wouldn't you want to stop in?

The little shop is filled with distressed white bookcases, small round table and chairs that are lined with dots of dried glue and specks of colorful glitter, and a reading nook for those that want to get lost on the prairies of Kansas with Laura Ingles and her family or to conjure up wizardry with the students of Hogwarts. Where said nook becomes a place where children participate in story hours that take them to far off places. Or simply allows them to interact with a fairytale. So many ways to help feed a child's imagination. At those round tables, children could get their hands dirty with craft activities stemmed from a recent story hour read or with upcoming holidays. Making sweet Valentine's for their parents, grandparents, or friend. Creating good luck charms on St. Patrick's Day. Maybe even learn a more hands on skill as they grow older with stencils or string art. The possibilities are endless. 

Finally, you take your parcels to the wrap station that is lined with fun pens and pencils, cute erasers, tiny notebooks for scribble or diaries for deep secrets, and little pieces of candy for that sweet tooth in everyone. A shopping experience that you can't get from a trip to larger bookstores or big bulk spaces. This shop would leave you feeling inspired, fulfilled, and coming back for more. This little bookstore specific to children. This little bookstore that evolved from a dream.

It's crazy that something like this would stem from a movie. From a plot. From a romanticized idea. Yet it's something I dream about. Something I would love to explore. Something I think is necessary among all the big businesses. A place that's small but mighty, but also stands out. Makes an impact. Leaves an impression. Because all of us are kids at heart. Because all of us just want to turn the page.


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