KC Fun: JOCO Arts and Heritage Center

Monday, January 8, 2018

During our last final days of Winter Break, McKinley and I headed to the new Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. This new facility celebrates the arts and history of Johnson County. You can visit the museum that showcases Johnson Counties local history. It offers guided and self-guided tours, lectures, film series, field trips, family programs, art classes, and behind-the-scene tours. However, we never got around to visiting the museum because we spent two hours playing in Kidscape! When it's freezing outside, or steaming hot this summer, this is a place to escape the elements and let those kiddos run off energy. Let me tell you, McKinley slept like a log that night. Thank you, Kidscape!

So what all did we/he do? Well, everything! You can visit a 1870s farmhouse. Wash clothes from a galvanized tub, get water from a cistern, pick vegetables from your garden, build a campfire, and learn what it was like to grow up in the late 1800s. Oh, and their pie safe looks just like the one in our kitchen! It's like we have an 1870s farmhouse!

Or, you can move on to the local construction zone and build a wonky tour of blocks! Not sure I want this guy working on my next house....

Let's go fishing! Check out this fishing boat complete with fishing poles and local species of fish. Not sure if they are blue gill or rainbow trout, but I bet they would cook up well over an open fire!

Order up! There is nothing like a burger from your local burger joint and the ones being served up at the Kidscape Diner are delish! And they've got some weight on them too! You can get yours with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Just tell the cook how you want it! Get a scoop of ice cream to finish up the meal. So many choices!

Got a boo-boo? Well then head on over to the hospital and get a quick check up! The doctors and nurses on duty are working hard to get you fixed up and back to play!

I hope to never see this photo of McKinley! EVER!

Curtain Up! We headed to the theater for a little show and McKinley, and his other cast of characters, were amazing! I'm not exactly sure what the title of the play was, or what the true plot was, but I can tell you that this narrator did a beautiful job!


School days, school days..... 

And finally, it was time to head to the local city market where McKinley peddled his homegrown produce! He's been busy!

We purchased a membership that day and McKinley has asked several times to go back. I can't wait to take him back and actually check out the museum! If you haven't been, go! It's such a fun place for kids, and adults, and you will love how worn out your child is from all the imaginative play!


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