Holiday Bucket List - Final Post

Monday, January 1, 2018

Today is the first day of the new year and it brings with it the conclusion of our Holiday Bucket List. There were 30 items on the list and we were able to accomplish 26. I don't think that's too shabby. Some we were simply unable to do, like go sledding, and we aren't the type of family to do the matching pajama bit. Home Alone has never been one of my favorite holiday movies, and if McKinley could barely make it through Elf, I'm thinking this one would have been a no go as well. Finally, kissing under the mistletoe didn't take place because we never found any! 

Over the past week or so, we've been able to check off the final items. We spent the Friday and Saturday before Christmas on the road looking at Christmas lights. Yes, it took us two nights because apparently our city really gets into the spirit of outdoor decor. So much so, we found an entire cul de sac that set their display to music. It was really cool! We found one amazing house while just driving home one night and made a mental note to go back. Then, based on a friends request, we found the second most decorated house of all time. Insane is what truly comes to mind!

We played board games on that Sunday. We were officially four days into Winter Break and boredom had already set in! We started with Candy Land then moved to Chutes and Ladders. We tried playing Sorry, but in between me leaving the game to get cookies out of the oven, and McKinley turning over the cards for everyone, we lost track of who's turn it really was and everyone got frustrated. We will try it again another time.

Christmas Eve brought a little snow, and freezing temps, but when you don't see the white stuff around these parts, you get bundled up and head out. McKinley couldn't wait to wear his new snowsuit and boots and get those snow plows out in the driveway. And, even though the snow was nothing but dust, we built our version of a snowman. 

I have made a New Year Resolution, but it's not like what you would think. I'm not going to try and lose weight, give up sugar or carbs, or other unrealistic goals. Instead, I'm going to try and take more time for me. Go out with friends when they ask. Read when I have a few minutes whether it be that book club book I need to start or those magazines that are piling up in a corner. Try to do something different around the city when it comes to date nights, instead of just a typical dinner and movie. And, take a few risks and stop worrying what others are going to think or not think. It's my life. I'm going to live like I'm supposed to! You should too.

With as frigid as it's been this past week, we've really taken advantage of our fireplace. We don't love that it's on our kitchen because you can't really enjoy it, but if you're like McKinley, you pull up a comfy chair or bring your toys in the kitchen and just take it all in. And, we curled up together and he read a new book that Santa brought him for Christmas. "Biscuit Goes to the Library" was super entertaining! And he did an amazing job reading it.

Here is the final list! I had so much fun spending time with Joel and McKinley and trying new things or just relishing in the things we do year after year. I am definitely going to try this again next year! 

Happy New Year to you! I hope you have a wonderful year full of happiness and joy!


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