Gallery Wall - Inspired New Look

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Do you ever look around your house and think, "This room could use something." But, when you look around the room, you can't put your finger on what it needs. A fresh coat of paint? New furniture? A dusting and vacuum? For me, it's more the latter, but I am always on the hunt to freshen up the rooms in my house to make them a little more chic. A little more relevant. A little more like my ever evolving style.

I was watching my daily morning show earlier this week, Home and Family, and Ken Wingard changed my life! Okay, not really changed my life, but changed my view on what I thought I wanted on my den wall. I was thinking originally of replacing the current print with two larger ones of my dad's photography. But then I saw him create a gallery wall on their set and I was done! This is what I have to do over my couch in the den. And I've already started creating inspiration boards on Pinterest and scouring the stores for ideas!

This is currently what my wall looks like. After decluttered all the growing furniture that had been collected in this room, I realized that this print was dwarfed by this large wall. It's been hanging there since we moved in 15 years ago and I just never really thought about changing it out. Again, my style is changing so my house needs to grow with it! Man, look how clean this room is! It doesn't look anything like this right now. I need to get busy..... That dusting and vacuum is a must!

So here's what I'm thinking I need to create!

How amazing are these walls? And I have so many different ideas of how I want to create my wall and I'm overwhelmed by which one I like more! I'm leaning toward the upper left, but I love the center bottom! What I do know is that I want an oversized clock, a mirror, an artistic piece, and then a large photo of something my dad has taken around KC. Either a downtown iconic building or something from the Plaza. I can't wait to see what he has!

While out yesterday, I took some pics of pieces that I like from both Target and T.J. Maxx. I haven't pulled the trigger on anything. Right now I'm collecting ideas. But these are stunners!

 Now, I know that if I were to do the starburst mirror, I wouldn't go with the starburst accent piece. However, with the copper mirror, how gorgeous would those two pieces be together? And, I'm thinking of trying to find an antique clock that no longer works to add to that rustic aged look I'm going for. Seriously, I'm giddy!!

What do you think of a gallery wall? How would you design yours? Any of the above inspired walls have your attention? Let's chat!


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