Thomas the Train - Crown Center Exhibit

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My son has been a Thomas the Train fan for years. However, there was a short time where he seemed to have lost interest. He stopped playing with his Thomas train table at my parents house and he was no longer into the show. Then a tide turned. He has been watching the show non stop on our Kindle and playing with his trains almost daily. He's even adding them to his Imaginarium table at home. Thomas is alive and well in Little McKinley Land!

So when I saw that the newest Crown Center exhibit was a Thomas the Train exhibit, I knew we had to get there as soon as we possibly could. And was a trip last week! McKinley planned the whole day and it revolved around everything train! The exhibit, lunch at Fritz's, a trip to Union Station to see the model trains, a trip to the train bridge to watch real trains zoom by, and a ride on the streetcar to cap off the day. It was perfect!

I can't say enough about the Thomas exhibit. Go! Now! Your little's and your big's are going to love it! You walk right into a life size Thomas who comes complete with all the bells and whistles. And if you don't believe me, climb inside! There are literally working bells and whistles! It's interaction at its best!

Next up, head into the Sodor Steamworks where you can repair a broken down Percy. Hey, James, we see you too! These engines are Steamies and you need to help keep them going! Help fill them with water for steam and coal for fuel.

Knapford station is full of hustle and bustle! Grab your ticket, check to see if your engine is on time, grab your luggage, and head to the dock! McKinley spent so much time here and it was such a joy to watch! He even dressed up from the cute costumes that are available. He arranged the box car several times and carried passengers luggage from the luggage cart to their passenger car. He loaded up books in crates and handed out tickets. I took the sweetest video of him and my favorite quote was "Isn't it busy here on the Island of Sodor?" Imaginative play at its best and I can't thank Crown Center enough for allowing our children the ability to do so!


Lastly, the train layout. McKinley was in heaven! He could have stayed for hours playing on this enormous train layout! I love how children can be in the center of the action, or on the outskirts of play, while sharing the experience with one another. Not one child complained that someone was in their space or not sharing their trains. Everyone played well together and it was so calm!


And if you need a break from all that play, just take a seat on a dock bench and watch an episode of Thomas and Friends! And learn the history of how Thomas came to be. 

Honestly, this has to be my favorite exhibit so far and we've been going for years! It will be open until September 10th. And it's free! An afternoon of entertainment that you can visit and again and again! Like I said earlier, go now! You don't want to miss this one!


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