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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant. I was excited, nervous, anxious, and above all, thrilled! Just today, I had a reminder pop up on Facebook with his first sonogram picture and my heart burst. It's such a joyous time! 

When 9 to Nest reached out to me, and asked if they could send me a gift box to review, I jumped at the chance. 9 to Nest is a monthly gift subscription service for expectant mothers-to-be that helps pass the time each month leading up to baby’s arrival. Their unique gift boxes are a perfect way for friends and family members to share in this special time, or for mothers-to-be to treat themselves during the long months while they wait for baby’s arrival. Many of their gifts are handmade right here in Kansas City.

Each gift is customized depending on the number of months remaining until the baby's arrival and the gifts are carefully selected and are gender neutral. There are different packages to choose from as well. Based on the frequency of boxes you would like to receive, you can sign up for either six, five, four, and three month subscriptions. The cost is $39.95 a month and shipping is included. And, this service can be given as a gift as well! 

I received the three month gift box and it's adorable! It included a hooded bath towel, two super soft washcloths, and a rubber ducky. It was fun to open the yellow tissue paper to find what was inside. Imagine getting this little box monthly! When you can't always shop for clothes, and have them arrive on your doorstep, it's nice to have a cute little something for your little one instead. 

As cute as the contents are, I will say that for almost $40, I would like a little something extra. With the box containing a hooded towel and washcloths, it would be fun to get some sample bath washes. Nothing big. Just sample sizes and maybe something along the organic line. I know some moms really start thinking about what they're putting on baby's skin, I know I was/am, and it would be nice to have something to experiment with before buying large bottles. I would love to see what the other boxes contain. It makes me want to have another baby......but I won't!

Here is what came in my three month box!

I love all of these items, and since we didn't find out the gender of our baby, they are perfectly neutral! Seriously, how sweet are these? I miss those days!

And for all of my expectant readers, or readers who know someone who is expecting, 9 to Nest is offering to all customers the code 92NEST at checkout to receive 20% off the first month! And, if you're currently reading this, 9 to Nest would love to offer a 3-month giveaway for one of you to give to their special mother-to-be (or receive if you're expecting)!! Just comment below to be entered. The giveaway will close next Monday November 7th. 

I love this idea and hope this company is a huge success! Talk it up to all of your friends and family. I love to shop locally, they are out of Nevada, MO, and I know you do too. And, with the holidays right around the corner, this would be the perfect gift for that mom to be!

Have any questions about 9 to Nest, check out their website. What a fun, joyful company and I'm so glad I was able to work with them!


Gift box c/o 9 to Nest

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  1. I am not expecting (that would be a miracle), but would love to win this for my trainer and special mom-to-be, Lindsey!


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