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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

As of November 3rd, I am now 43. The first, and last time, I had an eye exam was back in 1992. I was 18 and getting ready to head to college. I've always prided myself on my amazing eyesight. My parents have both worn glasses since roughly age 9. One is nearsighted, the other farsighted. The eye doctor always told my mom that I got the best of both of their worsts. And that remained true until Monday.

Monday November 21st was my first eye appointment in roughly 24 years. You see, over the last couple of months....last year.....my eye sight has been slightly blurred. I found myself pulling my phone further away from my face. I read can labels from a distance. And my mom, and husband, both commented. I was sure they were wrong, even if I subliminally knew they were right. I felt myself doing it, but I just ignored it. Until I couldn't ignore it any longer. My mom forced me to make the appointment. If I'm being honest, my mom made the appointment!

It was a little overwhelming, all those intimidating machines staring at me in the dark. Chasing that flickering light all over the screen, while pressing on the button when you saw it, to test my peripheral vision. I felt like I was failing this super easy test. Then there was the flashing light, blinding light is more like it, that took a picture of the back of my eyeball. Really, was that necessary? All in all, it wasn't all the bad, but it sure did have me rattled.

Then there was the "Which one is better? One or two?" that my husband has been talking about for years. Oh, he wears glasses/contacts as well. Most of the time, two was the better option. And at the end of it all, it turns out, this 43 year old needs glasses.

This fall, Warby Parker teamed up with Leith Clark for a second time on five new frames. They last collaborated in 2013, finding in her a partner who admires the old and uncommon. They conspired side-by-side with Leith on a vintage-inspired collection that incorporates rimless frames, filigree, mixed-material constructions (think: gold-plated titanium coupled with premium cellulose acetate), and exposed screws. Leith took Warby Parker's classic silhouettes and exaggerated them—a cat-eye here, a winged temple detail there—for a finale that’s even better than they imagined. So when Warby Parker reached out to me regarding a blog post, it seemed eerily coincidental. And definitely timely. I've used their product as inspiration for my future chic eyeglass purchase. 

I'm a huge fan of anything retro. I'm a 70s born girl with a flare of Mid-Century Mod. I find that my wardrobe has a hint of vintage flair. I wear wide leg jeans, shaggy fur, and embossed leather. In the words of Leith Clark, "I like the 1970s." And the Leith Clark collaboration fits me to a tee! I love the cat-eye effects, the rose colored sunglasses, and etched frames, something I would totally see my mom wearing in her youth. I'm obsessed with the Fleta sunglasses in Ivory Pearl. And the Wednesday in Oak Barrel are the type of frames I could see myself wearing in the near future. Or the Wednesday's in Jet Black.  But then there's Daisy, Goodney, and Louise.  







Wednesday in Oak Barrel

In addition, with this partnership, Warby Parker is donating to an organization dear to Leith Clark, Girl Up. The United Nations Foundation’s campaign encourages girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities for girls all around the world. Incredibly inspiring.

All of this has been an eye opening experience, no pun intended, and working with Warby Parker has been incredibly helpful! I feel armed with eyeglass and sunglass knowledge in my search for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. And, I'm pretty sure that Leith Clark and I could be soul sisters in this thing called retro! She has totally spoken to me with her recent designs!

If you are currently an eyeglass wearer, which pair speak to you? Share below! I would love some additional input.


All images and information was provided by Warby Parker. All comments are expressly my own.

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