Kids Craft: Baked Clay

Friday, June 21, 2019

I have been all consumed with our trip to Disney World that I haven't had a moment to sit down and try to blog about anything! But before we left, McKinley and I were hard at work on our second kids craft segment for Better Kansas City and this time, we worked with baked clay. I've been wanting to do something fun with this craft clay and I came up with the cutest idea. Even though we are in the throws of summer, the new school year will be here before we know it, and why not spruce up your child's backpack with the cutest backpack charms! And because you're making them, you can tailor them to your personality! That's exactly what we did!

I had so much fun creating charms that I took it to the next level and made lapel pins too! Oh, and with the extras, I decided to make bookmarks. I mean, why not! Seriously though, I had way more fun than McKinley, however he's been sporting his lapel pins on his denim jacket and they are darling!! Want to know more? Keep reading!

Here is what you're going to need. We used polymer clay specifically for baking and I got mine on Amazon. For the charms, we used larger cookie and clay cutters and for the lapel pins and bookmarks, we used mini cookie cutters. You need large key rings, backpack hooks, flat backed pins, an assortment of headpins, E6000 glue, and a Silpat mat. 

Now it's time to get started. Make sure you follow the directions on the clay box. You need to preheat your oven while working with the clay.

You are going to wash your hands before working with the clay, and after each use, so you don't mix colors. Knead the clay until it's malleable.

We originally used a rolling pin to try and roll out the clay, but it picked up all the particles it touched and left it in the clay, so we used our fingers for the rest of the project.

To add the head pin, making sure that your pin has a small loop at the top, measure the length of the item and then snip the pin just a tad shorter than the cutout. 

Place the pin inside the cutout making sure not to go through the sides. The pin will bake inside the charm allowing it to stay in place.

Here's another look at the process. 

 Here is a look at the cutout process. Make sure you don't go all the way through the clay, like you would a cookie, because it sticks to the cutter and doesn't come out easily. You want to go through just enough to leave a deep impression and then use the tools provided with your clay to cut away the excess.

 After you've cut out all the charms or pins you wish to make, you bake them. Again, refer to your clay baking directions because you will need to increase the temp on your oven. Bake accordingly.

Now that your charms and pins are cool, you can put the finishing touches on them. For the charms, add the large key rings to the loop of the headpin and attach the ring to your backpack clip. You can layer them as well! I love the M for McKinley and his favorite dinosaur together!

Finally, hang from any zipper on your backpack!

I added a fish and whale to my DIY rainbow bag!

Now, if you want to make a lapel pin, it's super easy. No need for the headpin for this. All you need is your cutout, pin backing, E6000 glue, and a piece of cardboard to stick your pin in for the drying process.

McKinley is sporting a frog and dino on his denim jacket! 

 Lastly, it's the bookmark! You will need to add your headpin for this one. Follow the process above. I had some left over ribbon that I cut in half down the center to make a thinner piece. I then strung the ribbon through the headpin, tied a small knot, and then added it to my book! It's darling!!!

 There are so many things you can do with baked clay! Homemade ornaments would be so cute for any holiday tree for every season! These would be super cute as key chain charms too! And they all would be fun gifts for family! 

What would you make with your baked clay?


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