Fashion DIYRainbow Accent Hat

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Back in May, I did a segment on Better Kansas City regarding a fashion DIY that included rainbows! I was inspired by Orly Shani's Home and Family segment, totally created my own denim jacket rainbow, but thought about other ways to incorporate a rainbow on other articles of clothing. One of my favorite accessories is a hat! I wear them year round, but a large straw hat for summer is a must! I found this darling hat at Target and decided it needed a little sprucing up and a rainbow is just wanted it needed!

Here's what you need to complete the project. A hat, fabric glue, scissors, and rainbow ribbon. I went with a small pompom trim, but you can use whatever material you feel fits your fancy.

I started at the bottom with purple and worked my way up the hat with the rest of the rainbow colors. Start in the front with a small string of fabric glue and then apply your trim from the middle. You want your ends to meet at the back of the hat. Continue this process all the way around the hat. I finished up half of the hat before moving onto the other side. Again, my ends met at the back and overlapped just a tad.

The glue dries clear, so don't worry about any excess that may peek over the edges. Just smooth down the trim to ensure the glue grabs hold. And remember, the other colors will be layered on top as well.

Isn't it the cutest!!!

I am pool, zoo, farmstead, and any other outdoor activity ready with this darling hat! And I love that it's specific to me! No one else in town will have one, until you make yours! 

What do you think? Will you be making your own rainbow chapaue? What would you apply a rainbow trim to?


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