U.S. Toy VIP Event

Thursday, May 30, 2019

McKinley and I attended the U.S. Toy VIP event celebrating the Grand Opening of their new location in Overland Park. And it was GRAND! The new space is amazing, incredibly spacious, and there is truly something for everyone! 

Open arrival, we were greeted by their friendly staff and McKinley immediately took off for their LEGO section! Overwhelmed by their selection of brick sets, he took off for every toy aisle he could find. He selected a plane set, but was then distracted by the Hot Wheel cars. I guess you could say that this was heaven for an eight year old! I personally loved their Melissa & Doug selection, the outside toys, and hands on learning toys. McKinley was still enamored by the planes and Hot Wheels.

We made our way to the snack bar where McKinley sampled their Rainbow and Cinnamon popcorn before settling on cinnamon. The popcorn options are amazing! Pina Colada, Extra Cheddar, Buttery Butter..... I could have a cup of each. They also offer an assortment of ice cream and bottles of soft drinks. It's a super cute set up.

As we made our way around the store, I stopped to look at school work books for third grade while McKinley looked at snakes, sharks, and stuffed squirrels. You can see where our interests lie.... We checked out the party supplies and I dreamed of hosting a backyard luau complete with a pool we don't have. Then McKinley remembered a key word..... "Did they say they have a bouncy house?" Yes, yes the do!

Pump it Up is located inside the store and offers a huge jump area! And they have a black light section too! I think we spent a good 20 minutes in there! When we left, McKinley was a sweaty little mess who sustained an inflatable burn that he didn't notice until we were leaving. The drama that unfolded later was Daytime Emmy worthy! Pump it Up is an additional attraction and costs $10 a child. They do have open jump, so check out their calendar for any closed to the public events on their calendar.

This slide was incredibly fast!! I kinda wanted to try it!

Can you see the injury?? (Eye roll....)

Lastly, we hit up the photo wall and took some fun pics with the cute props provided! Apparently, the red mask was a popular pick among the boys in attendance!

And of course, McKinley took home the plane set! 

The Grand Opening is Saturday June 1st and they promise it to be an epic event! If it was anything like last nights event, we may be spending our Saturday living up McKinley's best life!


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