Holiday Bucket List - Homemade Marshmallows

Monday, December 17, 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We did, but just like every other weekend, it was jam packed! Jam packed full of holiday fun! Friday I found myself baking holiday treats to give to neighbors and friends AND I made my first patch of marshmallows. It was so easy and I'm addicted! And, just like anything else made from scratch, they taste better than store bought.

I used a recipe I found on Pinterest, there are tons if you want to know, and the ingredient list is very minimal. However, one minor detail that wasn't added in the directions. Use a whisk when mixing your ingredients in your stand up mixer!! I tried the paddle and absolutely nothing happened. I found a different recipe online and immediately noticed the whisk! HUGE difference in it all coming together.

This is definitely a gorgeous site! And hard to resist while waiting for them to set!

Now for the messy, and I mean messy part! Turning out the marshmallows. Make sure you use lots of powered sugar on your surface. These guys are sticky! Once you have them out of the pan, cut them into squares. Any size will do. And there are several methods suggested for cutting. I used a small serrated knife, but they also suggested a pizza cutter. Wet your knife periodically to make the cutting easier and the marshmallows less likely to stick. 

Now for the decorating! You can leave the marshmallows as is or you can add a little holiday tszuj. I went with sanding sugar in red and green. It's best to use the marshmallows from the center as you will have all four sides to decorate. The edges won't have any stick. You could also melt some chocolate and dip half of the marshmallow in chocolate and let set. Seriously, the options are endless, and if we hadn't been leaving for dinner, I would have decorated each and every marshmallow in something!

How cute are these? Placed in a darling mug of hot chocolate, your family is going to feel so special! And your favorite hot drink was just elevated to the next level!

And why stop at sanding sugar? Let's add crushed up peppermint! And remember when I mentioned dipping half in melted chocolate? Why not dip that melted chocolate in crushed up candy canes! Oh my very goodness! Imagine what your hot chocolate will taste like after the chocolate and peppermint have melted! Heaven!

I now want to make marshmallows in different flavors. Coffee, caramel, chocolate! I may never buy store bought marshmallows again!


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