The New Kitchen Update

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Oh my gosh, you guys! I finished up the kitchen update several weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to taking photos and sharing them with you. Honestly, I knew we used our kitchen a lot, but I had no idea how much until I was trying to capture pictures! Our kitchen is never clean! And when I say clean, I mean washed dishes are still in the sink, the kitchen table is cluttered with mail and miscellaneous things, and the counter tops always have stuff on them. It's generally always a mess! But not this morning. It's clean and photo worthy!

As most of you know, I've been talking about changing the color of my kitchen for months. But let's take a journey back to the original. For years, I had wanted a red kitchen. When we moved in, almost 16 years ago, this house was going to be a starter home so we painted everything a pretty shade of beige. Move in ready for the next couple. Then, I tired of the beige and just went for it. Red it was! In 2012, after a car wreck while seven months pregnant in 2011, we were "awarded" pain and suffering funds and we got a new kitchen. And when I say new, we got granite counter tops, stainless steal appliances, and subway tile. It was the upgrade our space needed. 

But, like anything else in life, the red grew old and I needed a change. The kitchen needed a change. And the least expensive way to make a major change is paint! Here are the colors we were considering. The top is In the Navy and the bottom Rich Navy. We wanted to make sure it played well off the dark counter tops and the amazing windmill clock. After several days of looking at the colors, and asking friends on Facebook, we went with Rich Navy. 

After discussing with the paint experts at Home Depot, we purchased a gray primer to start the process. And I have to say, the gray spoke to me for about a minute. But after I put the first stroke of blue on the wall, I was sold!

After the blue was on the wall, it was down to the little details to make the kitchen look refreshed. Yes, we had the amazing clock, but what else could I do to make it look new without spending any additional money? Well, I moved some things around in my actual kitchen! I've collected aluminumware for years. I've been obsessed with Mid Century Modern design before it was popular and these industrial looking pieces were perfect. I added measuring cups and spoons to the nook inside my sink window. I love the pops of color and how well they play off the blue! I did purchase new lights for the space because I wanted more light coming through. We were worried that the navy might make the our small kitchen feel even smaller, which on the contrary it did now, but the extra light helps. I love the open glass! I also added texture with my striped rug. And lastly, my dad framed some of the still life photos he's been working on and they totally complete the space! 

So without further ado, here is our "new" kitchen!

I truly love how it turned out! It makes spending all that time in the kitchen a little more fun. I think it helped modernize our 1960s home as well. If you can't knock out walls, just paint them! And then add fun accents to make it appear new. You don't have to spend a lot of money either. Like I said, I used things that were already in my kitchen by giving them a new place to sit. And, we didn't break the bank on our lighting. The ceiling light is from Lowe's and the pendant is from Houzz. Both were under $75! The rug is from Home Goods and was less than $30. With the primer, paint, lighting, and rug, we spent less than $250 on our kitchen update. Best $250 spent!

Up next, the bedroom! I've picked out my paint color, purchased darling new side table lamps, and have the bedding all ready to put on the bed! I'm going to paint our existing furniture to help keep our cost down. I can't wait to share!


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