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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When I was younger, I didn't have very many chores around the house. I had to load/unload the dishwasher and keep my room clean. As I got older, I understood the words layaway. Want extra clothes that weren't part of the necessities, earn money toward your layaway that was at the Closet or Ups and Downs! I would tell my mom to not clean the house so I could and I would get a few extra dollars to get some super dope clothes! Fair trade off if you ask me.

With McKinley, we haven't really issued too many chores. He has helped us around the house when we ask. He loves to help throw clothes in the washer and dryer. He helps dust because his crane truck is part of the equation. Straightening up the playroom when needed can be a little bit of a struggle. And, he sets the table from time to time and brings his plate from the table to the counter. But that's about it. I'm thinking it's time to add a few more items to his list of things to do. Also, he got a VivoFit for his birthday and there is a chore check list app that I think will be more of game than a chore. Fingers crossed.

I've been reading some of the family chore charts on Pinterest, and for his current and previous age level, it seems to be about the same. And it's close to what he we've had him doing in the past so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Or at least I would like to think it won't be. Easier said than done! Or is it!

Last night was trash round up night. McKinley was a little on the wild side, so I took advantage of all the energy and asked him to go around and grab the trash cans out of the bathrooms and bring them down to the trash. Not a word. Not a fight. He went upstairs, brought the cans down one at a time, and dumped them. YES! One chore added to the list. I also remembered that he loves to water the garden in the summer. Another chore to add. Picking up stray toys from around the house and picking up his playroom will be another story! We don't ask him to make his bed, because currently he sleeps with bed rails. This kid is a crazy sleeper. So crazy in fact that he fell out of the bed just a couple of weeks ago when sleeping over at my parents house. Has never done that before, but I've always worried about it. Bed rails won't be coming down anytime soon! 

So, if you're keeping score, here are the chores so far:

1) Gather up bathroom trash
2) Dust
3) Pick up toys and playroom
4) Help water the garden/plants
5) Unload the dishwasher with appropriate dishes
6) Help sort laundry and add to washer/dryer

This morning, I started playing around with his VivoFit app and found some pre-loaded chores. Love that! So I was able to get some additional ideas and I was able to add them to the list, adjust the frequency in which he does them, and add a coin value for each one. Super cool! Here are some additional chores I added:

7) Do homework
8) Brush teeth in the morning (we do night to ensure they are super clean)

I'm thinking eight is pretty good for now. And, if those goes well, we can always add more. Again, if we make it more of a game, and not really tasks, I'm thinking this could be a success. Not sure there will be a true monetary reward, but maybe a sweet treat here or there to his favorite ice cream shop.

What are you currently doing? How do you reward the work that's done? Is it just expected? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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