Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What does it mean to be famous? Are the Kardashian's famous for being famous? Maybe. What about Bethany Mota the makeup guru and YouTube sensation? She was famous enough to get a spot on Dancing with the Stars! Where does fame come from? How does one get there? And what do you say when your six year old asks you if he's famous? You tell him, not yet, but you will be.

But aren't we all famous in our own right? Take my dad for instance. He's famous for his amazing sayings. Everyone is quoting them! Okay, not everyone, but everyone in our immediate circle quotes him from time to time. His most famous quote is "They call it work, 'cause f*ck was taken." Genius, right? And then there's "Champagne is perfume going in and sh*t coming out." You're quoting them right now, am I wrong?

My mom is famous for simply being her. Her applesauce cakes have put her on the map, literally. She only makes them at Christmas, as gifts for friends and family, and mails them all over the country. They look forward to it every year. She is famous in our house for getting the impossible stains out of any article of clothing. And, her southern cooking is out of this world. You definitely want to be in her circle.

My husband is famous for his quick wit. He kills us on a daily basis with puns, one liners, and jokes that he constantly pulls out of his arsenal. And his most famous with McKinley for his ability to create voices, and mimic others, when playing. Gotta love a man with such talents.

As for me, I'm not certain I'm famous for much. I am famous in this house for having the ability to fall asleep before my head hits the pillow, a talent Joel wishes he possessed. I can cook up the best summer tan, something that some close friends envy. And according to McKinley, I make the best cookies ever! Now that's something to be famous for, right?

But in all seriousness, what does it mean to be famous? And, does anyone really sign up for fame? McKinley has mentioned several times over the past couple of weeks that he wants to be famous. And, that he's already famous at school for his trains. And where would he even come up with wanting to be famous? It's not something we talk about around here. I've always thought I wanted to be famous, but now that I'm older, my desire for fame has changed. And not in the way one would expect. I would love to be famous but only for the following reasons:

1) I want to be famous enough so I can be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars! The more I watch the show, the more I want to be a part of it. I love to dance and the ballroom appeals to me. A friend and I took ballroom dancing several years ago and I had a blast. It was amazing to learn something new and put my old training to the test. Being a past ballerina, I have years of ballet technique under my belt, but that style of dance is so different than ballroom. It was wonderful to experience something like that!

2) I want to be famous enough to have a cameo appearance on Hallmark Channel's Home and Family! I want to have a segment along side all of my favorites and put my own spin on things. I would love to have a styling segment with Lawrence! I think we could be the next styling duo! I would love to craft with Ken and Paige and learn from the best. And then there's Orly. I'm not cool enough to be next to her, have you seen her personal style, but I would love to DIY some super cute fashion pieces with her. It would be a dream! 

3) My wants and needs of fame are simple and easy. I want to have enough money for my family to live comfortably. To have the ability to buy a new home that's a tad larger so we all have our own space, but to still be small enough that we are close in proximity. Does that even make sense? Oh, and I would love to have a two car garage so that we both can take advantage of covered parking! Wait! I also want a closet all my own. And a crafting room. Okay, and to possibly have a second home, a small condo, on the beach somewhere. Vacations would be so much easier!

Now, what do I do to obtain this kind of fame? And when I say fame, I mean, how to check off all of these items on my list! Do I become the next YouTube sensation, or do I leave that for McKinley who is well on his way with all the videos he's making on my phone? Do I become the next blogging sensation? If so, I really need to amp up my readers! Do I become famous for being famous? I guess the options are endless!

And as for you, my sweet baby boy, let's find something for you to be famous for, even if it's just right here in your very own home. However, shoot for the moon and stars! I'm right here with you and will support you along the way. Let's just find something you can do that allows you to grow your talents for good and so you can be a well rounded kid. Which are anyway, so see, you are famous!


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