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Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Monday! I can't believe the holidays are upon us! We spent the most fabulous fun filled week together. It was so nice having all three of us home and we spent the week doing anything and everything we could think of. This town has some of the most amazing family friendly holiday activities! I can't wait to share my favorites. In the meantime, I'm sharing a little DIY project I created on Thanksgiving day.

I was inspired by several different wreaths I found on Pinterest and decided to do a little mash up! And thanks to Michael's, and all of their amazing deals, I was set with all of the goodies I needed to make the perfect wreath for our home. 

It started with a grapevine wreath. I liked the look of the rustic wreath as opposed to an evergreen version. I was going to be adding greenery anyway, so I would still get the fresh wreath look. I purchased a beautiful garland for my mantel, which is the narrowest mantel I've ever seen, and the garland was way too big for the space. So, I decided to take a saw to it! I cut small pieces of the garland to create swags that I would use around the wreath. It worked perfectly!

Here are all of the elements I used to create my wreath. Find the pieces that speak to your personal style or tug at your heartstrings. That owl was everything and I had to have him! You will also need floral wire. I got red and green, but mostly used the green. And you always need a glass of champagne when crafting!


I placed the owl first. He was my focal point and I would build my wreath around him.

Place your greenery in areas that balance out the wreath. I started on the left hand side of the wreath just above the owl. Cut a long piece of floral wire to wrap around the greenery.

I like to place the wire on top of the greenery and then wrap it to the back. Cross-cross the wire in the back and then bring forward. Just like when wrapping a gift! Wrap as many times as you would like to make it secure. Twist the wire around itself several times on the back and then cut off the excess. Bend the wire to hide it inside the greenery.

Do the same thing on the other side. I kept mine a little asymmetrical. I wanted to leave a little of the grapevine wreath showing. From there, I placed Magnolia leaves, in groups of three, inside the greenery. It adds dimension and depth to the wreath and I love the contrasting greens!

I did the same thing with additional holly berries. 

Take a step back and look at the wreath. Is it full? Does it have balance? Do you need to remove or add anything? Mine now needs a bow! I left a space below the owl for mine, but you can place yours wherever you feel its needed. My mom and I played around with different colored ribbon and if we wanted a simple two loop bow or one of those fancy five loop bows. We decided it needed just something simple and classic. 

And here is the finished product! I love it! It's perfect for our house. 

The small portion of our porch turned out beautifully! My husband and McKinley helped me create this sweet corner. I'm toying with adding something to the sleigh for more color, but I can't decide what I want. It will come to me! 

What DIY projects are working on this holiday season? I have so many up my sleeve and I can't wait to share them with you. Up next, jingle bell wreathes. This is my favorite teacher gift because it's something McKinley can help create. And, I love giving personal gifts during the holidays. 

Happy Monday!


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