What a Summer

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I have sat in front of this computer on many a night trying to come up with the words for a new blog post and the words just wouldn't come. I've wanted to share our trip to Oklahoma, our time at the river, the time that McKinley actually swam in the pool, the date nights that my husband and I have been on, the trips to the zoo and Deanna Rose, and the amazing summer that McKinley and have had. But I just couldn't write about it. I decided instead to just live it.

You know that phrase that everyone utters, "live in the moment"? Well that's exactly what I did. We did! And now I'm ready to sit back down at this computer and put it all down. Here. On this blog. And I hope you will follow along. But first.....

I need to gather my thoughts, download the numerous photos from my phone, put together a timeline of post, and simply get back to this space because I've missed and I've missed you! 

In the meantime, check out some of our memories!


Oh, and in other news, school starts Friday and I found myself in tears last night. More to come on that as well!


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