Back to School - Mama Edition

Monday, August 14, 2017

This summer was spent in the car going on adventures around the country. Okay, not around the country, but instead throughout the Midwest and Southeast Region. There were multiple trips to the local pool by foot. Exploring the wild animals of the zoo. Feeding farm animals at Deanna Rose. Decorating and redecorating our booth in Louisburg. And endless hours of playing in the playroom. To say that we had any structure this summer would be a lie! We had zero. Dinners weren't on time. Bedtime got later and later. Sleeping in was a requirement on some days. And the house stayed in constant disarray all summer! 

So with the beginning of the school year, I felt it was time to get my house in order. It wasn't really the whole house, though that desperately needs it. Yesterday I decided to tackle things like a snack drawer for ease when packing lunch and McKinley's morning snack. My desk needed a complete overhaul with all the print outs, trash, and junk that had collected. And I took the time to finally utilize McKinley's Melissa and Doug dry erase calendar. I filled in all the dates, activities for the month, and added the daily specials so the whole house would know what was taking place at school the next day. By the end of the day, I felt like I had a decent handle on the house. Here's what I did!

I created a pantry in my unfinished basement to help keep the kitchen cabinets a little more organized and to keep extra things on hand so I could whip up dinners without constantly running to the store. And it's really helped. However, one the kitchen cabinets had become the catch all for everything! Left over baggies of snacks, half eaten sleeves of crackers that had been in there for ages, a can of chicken from 2012..... Needless to say, it was time to just throw it out and start all over! And that's what I did. Now, my cabinet is stocked with all the healthy snacks McKinley that he can grab anytime. And, it was awesome to just reach in the cabinet this morning when packing his lunch and not run up and down the stairs to get what I need! Huge time saver!

Up next was my desk! I should have taken a before photo, but I started organizing before I thought about it. Plus, it was embarrassing! The clutter was ridiculous! But now, it's back in working order and I'm so happy! Just sitting here typing this, I love looking at the pretty things that rest on its surface. Oh, and I just purchased this darling stapler yesterday at TJ.Maxx! Isn't it the cutest!! 

And lastly, it's the calendar update. This calendar has been hanging in several rooms of the house, but finally came to rest in McKinley's room where it belongs. It really is darling and perfect for helping him learn dates and days of the week. And it's keeping us all straight on what specials take place daily. Especially for me when picking out clothes the night before. Now I know which days should be dressier than others. Let's just hope I can keep up the effort.... 

There are thousands of other things that need organization in my house, but I thought this would be a good start! What are you doing to get yourself back to school ready? Any special prep around the house or with yourself personally? My personal calendar is another place that needs a little help, but I'm slowly getting that up to speed as well. 

I hope everyone is having an easy transition back to school! 


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