Mama Style File: Hair Update

Monday, April 10, 2017

Here we are in the early stages of spring and I feel like everything around us gets that age old spring cleaning! My den just received a massive update with a major clean out and clean up! We just cleaned up the yard yesterday, cleared out all the weeds from our gardens and got those planted, and I'm making a mental list of all the rooms in our house that need a major cleaning as well. But, the homestead isn't the only place that needs a spring cleaning. Our appearance does as well!

And when I say appearance, I don't mean a makeover, I mean a maintenance cleanup! I've been slowing cleaning out my closet and getting things ready for donation. I've cleaned out dresser drawers for all the same reason. I'm doing the same thing with McKinley's clothes as well. But, I've also been taking a look at me. I am trying to make a mental note to drink more water so I can hydrate the body, especially my face. I have been neglectful of my skin and it shows from the winter months! It needs a spring lift and brightness and that's something that healthy eating and drinking can assist with! But, I'm also looking upward to the hair! I've been on this, "I'm going to grow my hair out" kick for months now, but I'm not loving the growing out process. And, I'm not loving my hair! (Yet another reason to get to drinking that water!) I have a much needed haircut and color coming up this week, and I was spending some time on Pinterest this weekend looking at colors I like. I showed a few to my mom, who always weighs in, and I told her I was thinking of continuing to grow out the locks and she asked why? She told me my best haircut is below and that I shouldn't go long again. It only weighed my face down and that I should go back to the shorter lengths. Well there you have it folks! I never would have thought I would "short hair" and "on me" from my mother!! I've always been a long hair girl and she supported that. I guess with age comes change and I love it!

So, I'm going back to shaggy shorter lob look and I've picked several cuts I love. I've also found a couple of colors I like to help brighten my face as well! Check out my hairspiration!

My personal fav of all the cuts is the upper left hand corner! I love the color as well. However, I love all the cuts and think they would be so cute and chic for spring and summer. Sure I wanted to get to the ponytail stage, but who cares at this point! I just want a cute cut that's flattering.

Are you looking to make a hair change with the change of the season? Anything on your trend radar? Which of these styles is your favorite? I would love to hear your opinion! Cut is scheduled for Wednesday!


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