An Overactive Child

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I've said before that for me and McKinley, our active days are our most successful days. And when I say that I mean on the days that we are out of the house, doing fun things around the city, and being active, they keep us from arguing, him getting bored, which why we tend to argue in the first place. With summer coming, my husband fears that we will argue more and be in a sour place by the time he comes home. And on some days, that might happen. But I don't suspect it will happen every day!

As you know from reading the blog, we are all over the city on fun adventures. We hit the zoo, Deanna Rose, World's of Fun, Union Station/Crown Center, and on rainy days the mall or aquarium. We haven't done as many things lately, school has been in full gear since post Spring Break, and the poor kid has had a bout with the flu and a horrible virus that landed us in the ER last week. But, all that's about to change on May 19th. The last day of school is fastly approaching and I'm thinking ahead about all the fun things we're going to do to celebrate summer!

However, I'm also worried about him being the over active child. You know the one. They have soccer, baseball, swimming, and piano. They have practice or games almost daily, leaving very little time to be a kid. I don't want that for McKinley. As of now, he's involved in baseball. Practice is every Friday, with games every Sunday, and it will be over in early June. He's also involved in a weekly combo dance class, but we've missed a month of class, so I'm not sure it's worth going back. Up next will be swimming lessons. Two weeks of daily dips in the pool that will bring tears and hopeful joy. And there's the possibility of another dance class, but that's up the air as of now. Oh, and there's a possible basketball camp. He's very interested in basketball and I would love for him to get involved. So now we're up to three activities and that doesn't include the fun stuff I have planned. And we haven't even included vacations? When is it too much? When is he going to just be McKinley?

At this point, something has to give, in my opinion. Swimming is a non-negotiable, so that's stays on the summer agenda. Like I said, baseball is over in early June, so that's not an issue. What I guess we need to decide is if he wants to continue dancing or if he would like to take the summer off and try a different sport. I definitely don't want him overextended. I want him to be a kid, enjoy his summer break, and play from time to time. I mean, he's six. His summers will be completely full of other responsibilities before we know it. 

What do you do to combat the over active child or is yours one of them? How much is too much? When do kids just get to be kids? This past Kindergarten year has been eye opening in the fact that our expectations of children is incredible. I wasn't expecting it!! And I'm not talking about my expectations. I'm talking about the educational system. I personally need a break and I know McKinley does! It's time to turn off our brains and just be!  

I would love to hear your thoughts so let's chat!!


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