Mama DIY: Chic Small Bench

Monday, April 24, 2017

Southern Unique Elegance is having a banner spring! We have expanded into a new space, a room to be exact. And as a result, we have been selling more! I think it's because you can see the pieces we have on hand, it feels more like a home, and we're really giving it our TLC. We've made weekly trips to ensure the space is clean and tidy, and we're constantly adding new pieces. We only offer things that we would use in our own home, so you know your getting quality every time.

Now, just because we're adding pieces that we would put in our home doesn't mean they start out that way! We are all about purchasing things that may or may not need a facelift. And, when they do, I'm there with my DIY skills! Recently, we bought this small bench that looked like it had stepped right out of 1992! The fabric and colors were a dead giveaway. However, the piece had nice lines and was fully functional. It just needed a little tszuj. And that's exactly what I did.

I removed the cushion from the bench for starters. The whole thing needed a new coat of paint, in a completely different color, and it needed a light sanding before I painted it. If I've learned anything in DIY, it's that you need to lightly sand anything you're going to re-paint. It helps rough up the wood, takes the sheen off of the paint, and helps the new paint adhere better. And you have far less drips! Lesson learned the hard way!!

Once the sanding was completed, it was time to paint. I'm a huge fan of spray painting. It's so much easier and I feel like I get a better coverage than brushing it on. However, there are times where a brush is what you truly need. For this, I used a high gloss black spray paint. With my handy spray nozzle. That thing is a must!!

Didn't that make a huge difference? It really gives the piece an upgrade without a lot of money! Then it was time to reupholster the top. What goes with high gloss black? Black and white toile. We had the fabric on hand from when I got a new shower curtain. That's right, this is my shower curtain. But it's such a gorgeous fabric! And obviously multi-purpose. 

So here's what you do. Take the original fabric off of the cushion by removing every staple you find. I used a screwdriver and a staple remover when I couldn't get the ones that were truly stuck! Keep the fabric because that's going to be your template. Lay out the fabric you're going to use, wrong side up, and place the original fabric over that. Cut out your new cushion covering. Again, wrong side up, place the cushion on top of the fabric.

Now it's time to upholster! The main thing to remember is to pull the fabric tight. If you don't, you will have a saggy cushion top and no one wants anything saggy! Once you have the desired tightness, begin stapling. Start on one side and then move to the opposite. And remember, something I didn't do the first time, make sure you like the placement of the fabric before you start to staple! I had to take the whole thing out because the fabric needed to be horizontal and I had it going vertically!

When it comes to the corners, pretend you are wrapping a package. Just make sure you get the corners just right. There will be a pleat, and that's okay, but you don't want to have the bulk of the fabric showing underneath. Again, staple.

Once everything is completely stapled, it's time to reattach the top to the legs. Make sure you've kept all the original screws, or other supplies, because you're going to reuse them. If they aren't able to be used again, keep one for accurate replacements.

 I love how it turned out!! It's gorgeous and so chic. And the colors are perfect for anyone's home. And if you want it, it can be yours! Just head down to Louisburg! 

Are you going to attempt your on re-upholstery project or just buy something new? Let me know if you attempt it and how it turns out!


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