Holiddy Party Planning - The Check List

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hey! How's the party planning going? It's going fairly well over here. How close are you to the party date? I don't know about you, but I work so much better with a checklist. A do-to list. A master party planning activity sheet. Whatever you call yours, do you have one created? I just put mine together because the party is less than a week away! EEKK!

When it comes to checklists, I'm not a super fancy girl. I just use plain old pen and paper. Cute little notebooks to be exact. But when I created this one, I wanted to stay in the festive mood, so I went with red and green pen colors! And in true task form, I put all the to-do items in red so that I can could check them off in green. The red is staring back at me saying "Stop watching Hallmark movies and get to work!" But the green is jolly when I'm marking off the items I've completed. 

So what do I put on my checklist? Well, I break it out by days of the week. I add tasks to each day so that I'm not overwhelmed on any given day of the week trying to get way too many thing accomplished and feeling defeated when I don't. Plus, you don't want to do certain things too early. Like vacuuming. Sure, you have spill, you clean it up. But if you vacuum on Monday, you're going to have to turn around and do it again the day of the party, so I have this as a to-do for the day off. For today, Monday, my items are fairly simple. Continue to clean and straighten the house, dust ceiling fans and the light over the kitchen table, and finalize any last minute holiday decor around the house. Simple rule of thumb when it comes to straightening, stick to one room at a time. I'm horrible at this, but it really does make life easier. Today, I'm working in all three bedrooms. Putting shoes and folded laundry away that didn't get done earlier, clearing off the spare bedroom bed that becomes a catch-all for things like gymbags and McKinley's too small clothes that I cleaned out but haven't stowed away for the spring garage sale. And when it comes to things that need to go downstairs, I make stacks to take down later. If I leave this space to take things to another space, I start cleaning that space and now I have two disorganized stories in this house!

Other things on the list are to finalize our menu, sample the drinks we will serve for the evening, begin baking some of the desserts, wrap party favors, and ironing the tablecloth. And they all have a day assigned to them. One thing I really like to do is to set the table the night before. I put together my tablescape and then place all the serving pieces on the table to make sure there is enough room. I also like to put the refridgerater items on their platters and then store them back in the fridge until the party. It just helps with party prep the day of. If you're going to have a floral arrangment, wait and do that the day of. Keep your flowers in the fridge or garage to stay cool and then place them on the table a couple of hours before the party. They tend to wilt from heat of the oven or overhead lights. You want them looking fresh for your guests. 

Speaking of fresh, after all this cleaning, baking, and planning, these fingers will have been worked to the bone. It's been over a year since I've had a mani and I'm splurging this year. With our holiday party, an Open House the next day, a Stella & Dot Pop Up Shop and trunk show, another holiday party, and other activities taking place in the span of a week, I'm going to need to have the nicest looking nails I've had in ages. And while we're on the subject, on the morning of the party, make sure you take time for you. Relax, have that cup of coffee (or two), make sure you leave enough time for you to get ready so you don't feel rushed in those final hours before the guests arrive. To be the hostesses with the mostest, you have to be party ready, and the only way to do that is to ensure you've taken time to breath!

Lastly, but not on the list, enjoy the party! Once everything is in its place, the guests have arrived, and everyone has a drink in hand, have fun! Talk, laugh, be present in the moment, and cherish this time with family and friends. That's what the holidays are all about. And if there is something out of place, don't sweat it. I'm sure your guests won't notice it at all!

Coming up this week, menu creation, drink sampling, desserts, and so much more! 

Happy Monday!


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